THE GHOST OF YOU AND I Read Count : 92

Category : Poems

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In this empty room, shadows linger on,

Two ghosts take place of you, the love that's gone,

I'm haunted by memories we used to share,

But now it's just me and the ghost of our affair.

Silent whispers echo through these walls,

A love once strong, now it crumbles and falls,

I search for traces of what used to be,

But all I find are two ghosts staring back at me.

The laughter fades, replaced by tears unspoken,

Our hearts entwined, now forever broken,

I long for the days when we were complete,

But all that remains is a bittersweet defeat.

In the darkness, I feel your presence near

A haunting memory that won't disappear

Your ghost lingers, a constant ache inside

The love we had, now just a ghostly tide

Silent whispers echo in my mind's abyss

The remnants of our love, forever amiss

I search for solace in this empty space

But all I find is the shadow of your face

Haunted by the memories we used to share

I'm trapped within this never-ending despair

The ghost of you and I, forever intertwined

A love lost in time, aching deep inside


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