The Crave For A Woman And A Man Read Count : 77

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Sometime relationship between husband and wife is just platonic, other just both envious of each other, can be jealousy no respect, no mutual understanding…. Sometime it could be just a sudden ‘coup de foudre’ that got them married!! Then after that oxytocin hormone disappears even that love fades… then there’s only obligation, family ties that remain to be fulfilled…. Man or woman either stay trapped out of fear of insecurity, committed to kids, family, financial insecurity!! Thy man and woman having emotion needs love… activating that oxytocin hormone to move along the cycle of life!! None is at fault. They both crave that energy to melt there envious body and mind. At some point their feeling and wants is changed…. They are no more in love, no more attraction to each others soul or body…. No such craving left… the are hungered for someone to look into their eyes…. Swallow up their deep desires which cannot be fulfilled By both partners despite the commitment!!! Both fear the consequences of losing that self dignity…. The husband will for instance lure many woman in his thoughts as fantasies….his craving won’t be only for his wife… it will be felt by the woman whenever she will be intimate with thy husband… and the cycle will continue and thy woman will ultimately seize to feel connection with her partner… no oxytocin will be release, no luring, no seducing… it will become cold…she will look for validation of her femininity around…. As her fragile nature as Mother Earth is rule by affection and nurturing…. And that which only a woman that can give to a man. Thus in a stranger man she will find validation of her sacred body as a goddess to revive her amorous  nature…. She not only craving thy body satisfaction but also of her soul to be connected…. And again it’s a vicious circle!!!


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