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Chuck a welly

At the blooming’ telly

Nothin good on

‘part from a weather con

Saying it’s gonna rain and it turns out sunny

It’s gonna be dry and it turns out runny

What’s happening up North who cares about that?

That’s about as interesting as next doors cat!

Then there’s the news, all doom and gloom

Things going nuclear with a sonic boom

Murdoch Mysteries and Veronica Mars

Britains best bakes and revamped cars

There’s the grandest designs and the smartest cop

The weirdest looking alien with a cherry on top

It’s all on telly, just which channel to choose

Press any button you’ve got nothing to lose

Just as you find something good the picture then freezes

that bloody sky box just does what it pleases!

Now it’s time for bed and while you’re sat there yawning

You’ll be thinking about what to do in the morning 

Sit there in silence and enjoy the peace

Listen to the honking of overhead geese

The humming of the fridge and the breeze from the fan

I’m so easy to please, such a simple man

Just wish I could make it clear to the wife

How I love her so close, the best part of my life

Anyway, signing off now before I go getting all teary

It’s been a long week and I’m feeling all weary

But I’ve still got the energy to text you again

All going well I’ll be up till ten 


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