The Hunt Read Count : 65

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery

In the heart of a town, where whispers of buried treasure had been passed through centuries ,Zara, a young archaeologist stumbled across an ancient map in the attic of her late grandfather's old mansion. The map had depicted a series of cryptic symbols. Determined to discover the truth behind the legend she embarked on a journey. The map led Zara to a remote island said to be the final resting place of captain Zion. As she delved into her quest, she met Jacklyn, a charming historian. She found out that he also had the same map that she had. Together, they began to unearth clues, each one more challenging than the last. Zara and Jacklyn found themselves entangled in a Web of deadly traps. Their pursuit of the treasure took them through hidden caves, quick sand and a maze filled with many obstacles. At last Zara found another clue,it had directions to a village in central heartsquire. Along the way, they encountered a treasure hunter,Fauster, who would stop at nothing to claim the riches for himself. They decided to bring him on their journey. The three reached their next destination, a small village in central heartsquire. They started to explore the land, they asked the villagers about the myth of the secret treasure hidden in the depths of heartsquire by Captain Zion. The villagers first stumbled and started to call the whole village and started yelling at the three to be exiled from the village. That’s when Zara found a hidden treasure box and on it was Captain Zions name engraved, they decided to leave the village and that’s when they found out that Fauster had escaped with their valubles and the treasure box. They heard a loud crash and saw that Fauster had stolen Jacklyns car and decided to follow him on dirt bikes and after hotwiring the bike they raced after the smoke fumes of the car. They saw that Fauster had stopped at a abandoned house, the two approached the house and luckily the door had been left opened. They got in and decided to split their ways in search of their valuables. Jacklyn was frightened by the thunders outside that’s when he heard Zaras scream. He rushed out of the house but couldn’t leave her as he was deeply in love for her. He went back in the house and started searching for Zara. Then he finally saw the treasure box that Fauster had took from them, he opened the treasure box to find it empty. Then a hand slowly crept up on him he turned around and was sprayed in the face with chloroform. After a while, he woke up. He was tied up and in front of him was Zara with Fauster pointing a gun at Jacklyns forehead.Zara asked Fauster for the gun to shoot Jacklyn. That’s when Jacklyn and Zara had a smirk on both their faces. Turns out it was a plan they made to kill Fauster so that they can escape with the treasure and keep it for themselves. Zara quickly shot Fauster and untied Jacklyn. They both escaped with the treasure and returned back home. 


  • Dec 03, 2023

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