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Are you looking to start shipping bulk liquids as part of your export business? If so, one of the most important things you need to consider about your bulk liquid transport is the liquids that you will ship out. If you are hoping to set up your business using flexitanks and flexibags, what kind of liquids should you be moving in them? Here are the top five liquids that you can use in these tanks. 

Why Use Flexitanks?

Firstly, you will need to consider what kind of tanks you will be using for your container liquid storage. There are many different options available to you, so what makes them the ones that you should go with? There are several reasons why they have become the go-to for many different export businesses. Ease of use: One of the best things about a flexitank is that they are super easy to use. Filling and emptying require less staff and is a much quicker process overall. This is because they are placed into the shipping container empty, and then filled up from there. The same is true when they are emptied, as liquid will be pumped out directly from the shipping container. When you are able to save time on your bulk liquid transportation, that does translate to better profits for you. Large sizes: A flexitank will come in several different sizes, but the largest one comes up to 26,000 liters. As it holds so much liquid, that allows you to ship more in one shipping container. They also fill up to use all the space available, so you will see that often you can send out less containers overall. No cleaning needed: A huge benefit of using flexitanks for your bulk liquid transport is the fact that they do not need to be cleaned. With other forms of bulk liquid transport, you will see that these tanks need to be shipped empty to a different location and cleaned out before being used again. As a flexitank is one use only, once you have used it it is recycled so there is no need to deal with this extra expense and time. Usable with a variety of liquids: One of the best things about a flexibag, is that they can be used with such a huge variety of liquids. There especially great for sending out food grade liquids, as they are the only tank that are approved by the FDA. That gives a lot of export company owners confidence in using this form of bulk liquid transportation, as they can be sure that the liquid will get to its location safely.

Top 5 Liquids To Ship In Flexitanks And Flexibags

As a flexitank offers you so many benefits, you can see why they are a great option for shipping all kinds of different bulk liquids. When you’re first beginning your business, you will need to know what kind of liquids you can work with. Here are the top liquids that are often shipped in these kind of bulk liquid transportation tanks. 1. Water You may be surprised to see water on this list, but it’s something that can often need to be transported out to certain areas. Typically, water will be shipped out to disaster areas where the usual water distribution system has been disrupted. Water can be shipped in flexitanks very easily, and as they are food safe and one use only, you can be certain that the water will be in safe drinking condition once it reaches its destination. In these kinds of situations, you will see that as well as the regular flexitanks, you can also see similar heli bladders used. These are flexible container liquid storage much like flexitanks, but they are designed to sit under a helicopter so it can be flown in safely. 2. Glycerin Glycerin is a chemical that is used quite extensively in the pharmaceutical and beauty Industries. As such, it is always in demand in producing a large range of different products. If you are looking to ship that out to manufacturers in the country, then using a flexitank would be the way to go. 3. Liquid sugar Liquid sugar may be another option that you hadn’t thought of when thinking about products that can be shipped in flexitanks. However, it should be considered especially if you have clients that are involved in confectionery and bakery. It is used to retain freshness and moisture in baking, so it’s often in demand. 4. Milk If you are dealing with transporting milk in container liquid storage, then there are several logistical considerations that you need to make. The milk is needed to be kept in certain conditions in order to keep it in the best possible quality by the time it reaches the supermarket shelves. Using flexitanks to move milk does help as their lots of different products and systems in place to protect the integrity of the liquid through the supply chain. 5. Palm oil Palm oil is one of the most popular oils used in agriculture and manufacturer. Flexitanks are great to this product, as they offer large capacity when it comes to shipping. You’ll also be able to get the product on the road faster, and in a much more affordable manner. Flexitanks offer great bulk liquid transport benefits, and they are suitable for a range of liquids. As such, you can use them for almost any liquid you are looking to ship.


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