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I wo'nt be able to write like I do,

if I never loved you.

Your eyes have the ability to penetrate my soul.

Your smile breaks down all the walls 

I build around my heart.

Things you would never have been able to do,

if I never loved you.

If I never loved you, 

I would be able to forget

how real our kiss felt in your room on your bed.

A connection that deep I can never have with anyone else except you.

That would never be, 

if I never loved you.

I'm not sixteen anymore and this feelings

should have long ago faded by now.

You gave me so many reasons not to feel.

You did things that should have made me hate you,

should have turned my love cold. 

Yet, you are the only one that I still long to hold.

That would not be true, 

if I never loved you.

I have things to do.

Everyday I have so much to do.

When all I ever think about 

is how much I want to write to you.

A want that is not a want anymore but a need.

Like the air I need to breath,

I need you, I need this.

If that is'nt love,

then I have never loved you.

I may not even be here, but I'm here.

The only thing that scares me the most, is to lose this.

To really, completely lose you.

I would not still be here

if I was sure

that you never loved me too.


  • perfect! I feel this way too! 🥰🥴

    Nov 08, 2023

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