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Your heart knows when you have found your soulmate, your other half.

The one you want for the rest of your life.

You know it in a kiss.

In the way how your hearts and souls connect.

In an instant your heart recognizes that deep kind of intimacy. 

Your heart knows when it's real.

The way your hearts reflect in both your eyes when you look at each other from across a room.

The way you can just feel each other without having to speak a word.

Once your heart has found something that real,

it won't be satisfied with anything less.

It won't be satisfied with anyone else.

Your heart will try.

It will eventually know that you just can't replace a love like that.

It is a love that never fades and never changes,

no matter how far appart life may take you from each other.

When your heart knows it's real, time and distance doesn't matter,

because you have the ability to feel each other even across that.

You know that it is something worth fighting for.

And your hearts won't find rest, untill you are back in each other's arms again.

In life there is nothing more real than that.


  • Nov 04, 2023

  • Nov 04, 2023

  • Brittani Wooldridge

    Brittani Wooldridge


    Nov 08, 2023

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