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I'm chasing after the night, oh what a sight! 😊
In darkness, I find solace, my heart takes flight. 😊

The moon shines bright, guiding my weary soul, 😊
Through shadows and whispers, I reach my goal. 😊

With every step, the stars twinkle above, 😊
A celestial dance, a symphony of love. 😊

The night's embrace, a cloak of mystery, 😊
Unveiling secrets, unlocking history. 😊

In the stillness, I find my inner peace, 😊
A respite from chaos, a sweet release. 😊

The night whispers secrets, only I can hear, 😊
A language of dreams, both far and near. 😊

As I chase the night, I'm filled with delight, 😊
Exploring its depths, like a fearless knight. 😊

Though darkness surrounds, I'm not afraid, 😊
For the night's beauty, my heart has obeyed. 😊

So I'll keep chasing after the night's allure, 😊
In its enchantment, I find my purest cure. 😊


  • Nov 04, 2023

  • Brittani Wooldridge

    Brittani Wooldridge

    beautiful ❤️

    Nov 08, 2023

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