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In the vast expanse of the universe's might,
There exists a being, cloaked in eternal night. 😊

The Dark Lord, ruler of galaxies untold,
His power and presence, a story to behold. 😊

With eyes that gleam like stars in the abyss,
He commands the cosmos with a single hiss. 😊

His voice, a symphony of thunderous might,
Echoes through the galaxies, causing awe and fright. 😊

He wields a scepter, forged from cosmic fire,
Burning with the essence of his dark desire. 😊

Planets tremble at his commanding gaze,
As he orchestrates their fate with a cosmic maze. 😊

His heart, a black hole, devoid of light,
Consuming all love, leaving only endless night. 😊

Yet, amidst the darkness, a glimmer of hope,
For even the Dark Lord must learn to cope. 😊

For in the vastness of the universe's embrace,
Balance must exist, in every time and space. 😊

So, let us not fear the Dark Lord's might,
But seek understanding, in the absence of light. 😊

For in the depths of darkness, we may find,
A spark of compassion, a love that's kind. 😊

And as the galaxies twinkle in the night sky,
We'll remember the Dark Lord, with a sigh. 😊

For even in darkness, there's beauty to see,
A reminder that light and dark can coexist, you see. 😊


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