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Individuals who consider themselves history buffs are usually the ones who collect, buy, and sell militaria, or what is commonly known as war memorabilia. Since they are interested in historic wars which shaped nations, devastated our world, or changed history’s course, they like collecting tangible items which were either used in war or belonged to individuals who fought these wars. 

Popular militaria

WW2 devastated the entire world and directly and indirectly impacted millions of lives. Since so many people were affected by it, WW2 memorabilia is quite popular among collectors. 

In North American history also, we have had several wars that a lot of our war memorabilia comes from. Wars such as the Revolutionary war, Indian wars, War of 1812, Mexican war, Spanish-American war, Civil war, Korean war, World wars 1 and 2, and Vietnam and more.  
Hence, there is no dearth of military collectibles. However, being linked to a war doesn’t mean that collectors will find them valuable. Listed below are some factors that determine the price and value of a collectible.

Historical relevance

To collectors historically relevant items are more valuable. For instance, militaria and even other memorabilia from the American Revolutionary War are more valuable for American collectors, as America’s independence from the British Empire was established through this war. 

Since America, as an independent country came into being through this war, it is quite close to the hearts of many. So naturally, militaria from this war is highly priced and valuable. Militaria from other defining moments in world history, including the world wars are also quite popular and valuable.   

Militaria related to older wars is quite rare to come by, hence any rare items that are available become valuable to collectors, who become willing to shell out a pretty penny or more for such rare finds. Additionally, militaria that are not as easily available as they once used to be, are also quite valuable. 
An item’s story
Collectors of militaria prioritize sentimental value more than an item’s monetary value. Uniforms, medals, weapons, and insignia represent a soldier’s bravery and sacrifices.Each item has its own unique story to tell. 


While these are the most common factors that determine how valuable certain militaria is, there are plenty of personal reasons why collectors find some militaria more valuable than others. For instance, items that could be linked to their family’s history will definitely be far more valuable than other popular memorabilia.


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