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Just Don't Let Anyone Know

R Becker 

Dear God,

Here I am again on my knees

l'll  try not to give you a

I'm not even sure if I believe

You're interested.

But in case,
I have it wrong

Just in case
You're not tired
Of hearing this tiring song

I have a few requests
And some I- don't -know how's to confess

So, here goes:

First, don't let anyone know how strong I'm not

Forget the lies
That I forgot

Especially the ones
About what I knew
That I knew not

Especially those

You say I'm chosen
Well, sure that's great

You've placed a seal
Upon my fate

But I apologize
If for apologies it's not too late

Just don't let anyone know 

Usually I go along
In my pretending life

Pretending I haven't been
Sliced by life's
Destructive knife

I don't day dream

Once or twice
Of revenge 

But when I feel
That familiar breeze

Your love that gets me
On my knees

I know that you're 
Not hard to please

So again, I'm 
On my knees

Heavenly Father
Dear old dad,

It's quite a bad week
That I've had

Compared to other weeks

Maybe not that bad

But who's keeping score?

So, here I am again
The one with
The broken heart

The one who's
A hero?
A villain?

I can't tell which part

But before Act V
Where everything
Falls apart

Just a few reminders
For you:

Don't let anyone know
How weak I am

I'm depended on to
Be stronger
Than I am

Don't let anyone know
I'm in a jam

A great big
Jar of jam

OK I should have
Known better than 

to cheat and defy

And hope
Find for me an alibi

I was chosen
To win a war

But I prefer to die

Just don't let anyone


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