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Haters hate but one thing is for sure 
This is life 
Not a day will pass without seeing faces that sends chills down your spine and once you live with hate then it will be hard for you to be happy
Learn to love and be happy for others rather than living with a heart filled with jealousy and hate 

Someone once told me that your smile is enough to ruin someone's day and I learnt to be happy because I know that someone out there is badly waiting for my downfall and that's one thing I'm not giving them.. yes life is not fair but there are things that can mask the bad ones right...?even if you are sick be grateful that atleast people gave you some of their spare time to check up on you rather than being sad the entire day

The only weapon needed to survive a day is a smile and a good heart so stop walking around the streets wearing a soldiers face we are not at war...
Hating on someone brings you nothing but misery as you will feel sad and mad whenever you see them and life has its own way of making your enemies happy whenever you are around to witness their success and joy


  • Oct 28, 2023

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