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Submissives form a vital part of the BDSM community, but the beauty of submission extends far beyond this sphere. A submissive man serves and worships his Mistress with respect, devotion and humility. What distinguishes a good submissive man or, in terms of dominant/submissive dynamics, what makes a “good boy” a good boy? Here is My exploration of the qualities that can help a submissive man better serve and worship his Goddess.

🔹️1. Consent is essential:
Before establishing any dynamic, consent must be communicated. A good submissive knows the importance of discussing boundaries, hard boundaries, and safe words. He respects his partner's wishes as much as his own, fostering a relationship based on mutual trust.

🔹️2. Understand the importance of easement:
The role of a submissive is often associated with service. It's not just about following orders; it's about understanding the needs and desires of his dominant partner. A good submissive learns the art of anticipation: understanding their partner's needs or desires before they ask.

🔹️3. Communication skills:
A "good guy" knows that communication is key. They are open about their feelings, desires, fears and concerns. By doing so, they ensure that their dynamic remains healthy, fulfilling, and respectful. They also listen carefully and accept comments or orders without arguments, but with grace and understanding.

🔹️4. Patience and self-control:
In many D/s dynamics, patience and self-control are virtues. Whether enduring a period of chastity, performing a task, or waiting for an order, a good submissive can manage his urges and wait patiently for guidance or rewards. This ability is particularly important in orgasm denial or semen retention.

🔹️5. Honesty:
A good submissive is sincere, both with his Mistress and with himself. They express when they feel uncomfortable, unhappy or need a break. They are honest about their limits and what they can handle emotionally and physically. A good boy never lets himself be fooled and always communicates when he needs a break.

🔹️6. Humility and Acceptance:
A sense of humility allows the submissive to accept his role without feeling less or diminished. They understand that being submissive does not mean being weak; It means strength and self-awareness. They wear their “good boy” title with pride, free from shame or embarrassment.

🔹️7. Adaptability:
The BDSM dynamic can involve various activities and situations. A "good guy" is adaptable, willing to embrace change, and eager to learn and grow within the relationship.

🔹️8. Devotion: True submissives aren't just submissive while they're horny; His submission extends to daily life. This is not about total control, but rather a deep-rooted devotion that is reflected in thoughtful gestures, respect and care for their dominant partner.
      So how can a submissive man best serve and worship his Mistress? The answer lies in adopting the qualities mentioned above. Remember, the best submissives aren't perfect – they're human and they make mistakes. However, they continually strive to improve, deeply respect their Dominant, and find fulfillment in service and devotion.
       Understanding your desires and maintaining open communication with your Dominant creates a mutually satisfying dynamic. That's what makes a "good boy" a good boy.


  • Dec 14, 2023

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