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Broken I am.                              Broken I was condemned to be.                                               Warm, black weird feelings are running through my tired body.                                           Driven to an unknown, evil paradise.                                    Alone I was forced to be, petrified of my own soul.         Silent I was told to be.             Isolated, and confined in my own mind, only to feel safe and secure within myself.       Speak openly and out loud to my own mind.                       Allowing my outer self to be tortured, bullied, degraded, and spit on.                                Was left with no choice but to allow t, and accept it.          Keeping my inner self nice and serene.                                Allowing what should not be, be.                                               Unknowingly building an indistin, monstrous mountain full of hatred and anger, that I have to eventually control and silence.....                           To finish it all, I dream to do. To finish them all, I wish for. To silence them up, is by far my sickest and most wanted dream. Yet for some reason I have this annoying self control to not let that out.       The battle between my thoughts and my actions is a war I can not seem to make peace with.                                I have to attain the strength to endure this non peaceful reality. It's not fair.... Still I scream and cry in silence waiting for the explosion to end my secret suffering... TBC 


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    Oct 24, 2023

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