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Why do I feel such sadness
When someone says something bad about me
Why do I feel such pain
When I hear them condemn her,
The woman who gave birth to me.

Sometimes she's harsh
Sometimes she's cool
Sometimes she's angry
Sometimes she's happy

She dreams of having a place for herself
To get away from all this madness
Why ohh why?
Do I feel this sadness
This pain
And feel like I have no belonging.

I understand sometimes
What it feels like
Being hated
And feel like I'm not loved.
Feeling trapped
My freedom robbed from my hand.

I have nowhere to express myself
I have no place to call home
I am just a passerby in this time
Just waiting to find a place to go 

So for now im stick in my world .....
Of poetry...


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    Oct 21, 2023

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