The Only Control I Have Left Read Count : 96

Category : Poems

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I do not wish to be skinny
But somehow I still don't eat
The control it makes me feel
To restrict myself from food
The pain it makes me feel
When my stomach starts to complain 
And I don't eat just for that sensation 
But at some point 
I started to weigh myself 
I do not wish to be skinny 
I wish to make myself suffer
I want to reach a point 
That makes people worry
When they look at me
Fear for my well being
I want them to notice 
But then again
I hide everything 
Deny all accusations 
So is it really for attention?
Or do I just like to suffer 
The control I have 
When I restrict myself from food
Not eating 
Skipping meals
Convincing others that I ate
Staying awake at night
Sleep deprived and hungry
I do not want you to worry
I just want to hurt myself 


  • beautiful

    Oct 21, 2023

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