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The say that love is not a feeling.
Then why does it hurt so much!?
Since I was sixteen I have never stopped loving him. NEVER. 
I believed that I was the one that was never good enough for him.
He send his mother after me to hurt me, twice.
He proved to me how little I meant to him.
He pushed me away. He shut down on me.
Ignoring me and not speaking to me at all.
That hurt like hell.
His actions spoke louder than his words.
I had to watch him love someone else, choosing her and marrying her. Having children with her.
That is a kind of pain I won't even wish on my worst enemy.
Maybe the man I loved never existed.
Now he only exists in my memories.
The pain he caused feels unbearable at times.
The longing for him never leaves.
The void he left in my heart, just too deep.
It can never be filled by anything or anyone in this world.
I will live my life as always, without him.
Every day I'm hoping and praying that it would be my last.
If I ever get a chance to get out, I will take it.
I don't want to hurt anymore.
I don't want to feel anymore.


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