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I don't know if love is meant to be this way but if it is it then I'm ready to fall
The first time I caught you looking at me I knew that there was something about your glares they were different...I couldn't keep my focus on you but I knew that you were there

Your presence just had a way of being noticed....not everyone would notice but I did and I knew what that meant and I wasn't ready to accept...
It took you days to finally stop the silly stares and talk to me but God I already knew more than you would tell

The time was limited but still it was enough to make us close...we were like strangers but our hearts once met😅I'm not sure if that makes sense but you know that feeling when you meet someone for the first time but it feels like you had known each other for a life time...that kinda feeling you get when you are at home

Talking to you became a pill of life 
You're always there to lighten up my mood though I will never admit it but when we talk I turn to forget all the problems around me it's like I bacome a new person that one person who doesn't care about what others think...that person in movies 

Growing up I used to hear people talking about how love always finds a person but now I know cause you found me when I wasn't even searching...you walked in on me just when I was so ready to give up...


  • Oct 12, 2023

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