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I feel my hands sweat against the steering wheel. I'm nervous, excited and scared. His name pops up on my phone. I stop the song playing and answer the phone.

"Hey handsome!" I squeal and start giggling.

"Hey punkin. Have you gotten gas?" I hear your voice and it sounds nervous.

"Yep! Back on the highway. Should be there about 4. You ready?" I try to hide my nerves.

"Yeah. I took a nap. I dreamed about you. Well about us." You sound happy and sigh a little.

"Oh? What about cutie?" I giggle while watching the app on my phone and the road.

"You got here. I met you outside. You looked nervous so I hugged you. Your smelled like fruit and flowers. You sighed when we hugged. You started listening to my heartbeat and you were tapping the rhythm on my arm. That's all we did." You are smiling, I can tell by your voice.

"That's it? What a waste of a good dream." I laugh and start asking about places I see on signs in passing.

We start talking about the plans for the weekend. You talk about hanging out at the farm, seeing some sights, and just being near each other. I start squealing "Spoopy stuff!!! We need to do spoopy stuff!"

You laugh and say "Oh we'll do spoopy stuff alright baby." 

I pull into another gas station and tell you where I'm at. I'm getting gas again, getting another soda, and I hear you whispering to someone. I ask if you're okay and you say I'm about 10 minutes from you. By the time I'm done, you'll be there. I giggle and we hang up.

I finish pumping gas, I go to the bathroom, look at snacks, and get a couple sodas. I see you standing by the car when I'm walking out. "Hey! Berserker! Wo ist das? Was ist das? Wer bist du?" I laugh and you look confused. "Where is that? What is that? Who are you? That's what I said in German." You laugh and hug me. My arms are pinned by your arms. "Hey, Berserker. Mein Bärenshirt... Let me put these in the car, okay?" You smile really big and I twirl and pose silly poses. "Now.... Ready for a hug, mein Bärenshirt?" I hug you really tight and you growl softly. I giggle and rub your arms. "Let's go home, Berserker." You kiss my forehead and I grab your hand before you walk away. "I need to feel your lips on mine first... Bitte? Please?" You clasp my face in your hands and kiss me softly. I feel electric surge through me. I hear someone shout we need to get a room. I pull away slowly and shout back "Don't look, arschloch! Schwienehund!"

You laugh and say "Highly doubt anyone will know what you're saying..." I smile at you and just hold your hand. 

"Let's go home. I need to kiss you a few more times." I giggle and you kiss my nose.

"Punkin, you're more beautiful in person. Honestly. My Gods, you're beautiful." I feel myself blush and You walk towards your truck.

I follow you home and park behind you. I grab my bag of drinks and snacks and I shout to you "I come bearing gifts!" You laugh and pin me against the door gently. I giggle and we resume kissing. I open the back door and try to pull you in with me. You shake your head and we walk in the house. I hear your dog barking happy barks and we walk into your room. I take my hoodie off and you climb on top of me. We start kissing again and I lift my skirt up to my hips and whisper "Look... Just like you said. No panties." You laugh and we go back to kissing. 

You ask with each article of clothing if I am okay with you removing it. I say yes. You remove your clothing and we are kissing again. I hug you tight to my body. You growl softly and gently push me against the bed. You start kissing down my body but I start saying not to kiss any lower, I need a shower. You shake your head no and keep kissing lower. You raise my legs so my knees are on your shoulders. The moment I feel you breathing on me my body pushes against you.

"Aww look at my baby girl... You craving me, baby?" You whisper. I nod and start whimpering. You start licking slowly and gently. I melt into the mattress under your tongue. You keep exploring with your tongue and fingers. I try to hold back and just enjoy the moments. You whisper "You gonna cum for your Daddy, baby girl? Cum for me, princess." I feel the wave of ecstacy surge and my legs shake. I start feeling for over if your hands, you grasp my hand and I bite my bottom to keep from screaming, but it fails. I scream your name and squirt all over you. You keep licking and I start shaking again. You bring so much pleasure to my body, I start to feel lightheaded. I tap on your arm three times and start scooting myself backwards. You grab my hips, pull me back to you and start licking more aggressively. I plant my legs around your neck and I'm screaming and don't care who hears. I'm screaming your name, Daddy, and a hundred 'i love you 's. You growl after I start calming down, covered in my sweat, squirt, your salvia and your sweat as well. 

"That felt like you were going at me for hours!" I breathlessly mutter.

"That was only 20 minutes, baby. You want more?" You kiss my inner thighs. 

"Cuddles, first. Please?" I absentmindedly roll over to my side and start to doze off. I feel you curl up around my body.

"I love you so much, punkin. You're my shield maiden, my Valkyrie, my wife." You whisper thinking I'm asleep. I feel you gently get up and I hear you getting dressed. My body is feeling like it's sleeping, but my mind is wide awake. I hear you laughing too your roommate, apologizing for me being loud and say it won't happen again. You say I'm sleeping, but I'll be awake in a few. 

I sit up, get dressed and sit back on the bed. I feel the wet spot and decide to strip the bedding. I open the door and say "Bärenshirt, will you please help me?" You jump up, take the armful of bedding from me, and start laundry. I smile and you motion for me to come out of your room. I walk to you and hug you and whisper "I'll try not to be loud ready if the time." You smile and hug me back.

"It's okay, baby. Round 2 is after you've eaten, showered, and gave the gifts your brought. I know you want to." You kiss my nose and I smell my scent on your beard.

"I guess I marked my territory, huh?" I scruff up your beard. You laugh really hard and squeeze me. 

I put my shoes on and head out to get the gifts I've brought. I'm carrying the box inside and I met your roommate. "Hey. Sorry about earlier... Won't happen again. I promise. Oh! Hope you like it. I made it. It's a salve to help with headaches, Abby kind of aches really, and you can use it as lotion as well." I hand over the container and smile.

"Thanks.." She smells it and her eyes light up. "Wait. You made this?" I nod and hand you yours.

"Yours is the headache one, here's a beard salve, and some beard oils. You can use them on your hair as well if your hair feels dry. And I got these for the chimkims. These for the oink oink piggies. And I got these for the puppers." I look in the box and smile at you. "Those gifts are for later.. Keychains I thought were cute." I take them out, have them to you and put the box on my head. You both laugh. 

You take the box off my head and whisper "Peekababy" I giggle and I boop your nose. "Let's go give the gifts to the chickens and the pigs."

I scrunch my nose up and say "Chimkims and oink oink piggies. Can puppers come too?" You let the dog out and I get covered in kisses. I squeal and roll around the floor and you laugh watching us. I get up, open the package of snacks, and hand one to the puppers. She starts doing a happy puppy dance and we go outside to give the chimkims and the oink oink piggies their treats. 

We walk around the yard and I ask if we could watch the stars while cuddling after dinner. You say yes.


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