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Isn't It Amazing?

R Becker

R Becker

I half laughed
At the last lap
Of a race I almost won..

The days that were
All sunshine

The future drying out in the sun

But my failures
Long and hiding

whispered kisses i.e.,
The ones I  missed

I sealed it in
A letter I never wrote

It's a feeling
You could resist.

It's amazing

I suppose it's supposed to be

Don't you realize that I'm amazing?

Reality's afraid of me.

I interviewed a ghost girl
I saw her artwork.

Not that good.

I lied and left my number
I understand everything
As something misunderstood

I have for you a desperate

It's the only way.
Let me do this.

I'd  promise you 
I could make you happy

But I don't know what that is.

Isn't it amazing

Even if it isn't
Say it is

It's all amazing
So amazing 

Enjoy the disaster
That's show biz

Isn't it amazing
It's so amazing

The beautiful
That I never felt 

It turned out to be
So amazing

Frozen dreams
That never melt


  • Oct 07, 2023

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