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Can I talk now?.... is it my turn to talk? Same fucken questions every time. So tired of it, all I do is listen and attempt to speak. When I finally get a chance, I get shut down fast. I hate it that I can't speak my mind, can't let all my true feelings out, can't curse you out. I know it's my fault, I never spoke up, I never disagreed, never told you to shut up and listen, I just stood quiet like a good obedient girl.. all you do is speak, it's always your turn to talk.... tbc


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    Oct 02, 2023

  • I like the poem it's got a lot of feeling in it which are very very strong. It shows a lot of tough caring about wanting to be free from from restraint that society and places upon us and maybe, some of what we place upon ourselfs.

    Oct 06, 2023

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