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Sub Category : Childrens
Once upon a time there was a pink frosted kingdom of animal crackers. The princess was missing and the royal unicorn army had to go find her. They packed their bags of sprinkles, frosting, and gumdrops. They crossed many lands and couldn't find the princess. Kinda like Mario. The princess is always in another stupid castle. Anyway... The Royal unicorn army were looking for the princess. They were calling her name, asking many kingdoms for help. The chocolate animal crackers kingdom had no idea. The plain animal crackers had no idea. When the frosted unicorn army were about to give up, this little, teeny, tiny mouse came up to the highest unicorn in the army. The mouse said "Mister Unicorn. The giants have the princess." Well that was that. The frosted unicorn army had to start the long, dangerous, treacherous journey to save the princess.  After many days and nights, they finally made it to the Kingdom of giants. They were all amazed at how everything was so big! The unicorns were looking for the princess, but sadly they were too late. She was eaten. And the biggest giant scooped up the Frosted unicorn army whatever in one hand and ate them all. The end!


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