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 mama it's cold out here

He's willing to pay me twenty bucks 
 I give him a rubber to wear
 He throws it down in the dirt

mama it's really cold out here

 He wants it stealthing
  I tell him that's extra
He ask how much
 I tell him fifty 
 He says he only has thirty

I can see through the blinds in the window 
 mama's always doing strange things with different men in bed
 I always wonder why she does those things with those men
 but those men seem to like what mama  does to them 
they keep coming back
and they give Mama lots of money
I don't know why but they do that

I take it
We do it in in the alley
It was quick
 I made it so
 I know just where to touch a man

Mama it's beginning to snow out here can you let me in now I'm soooo cold

An I need the money

 it's my 9 to 5 job 
it's all I know
it's the only job skill I ever learned
I have to feed my daughter
 and keep a roof over her head
and I don't want her to grow up like me

mama can I lay in your warm bed with you and watch it snow outside now that all the men have gone
yes young lady will do whatever you want to do



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    Sep 27, 2023

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