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Just turned 16, a friend of mine Rick,
Got his first car and oh what a brick.
An giant green Oldsmobile Delta 98
But being his first, he thought it was great.
So he called our friend Mike and we went for a ride. To the gas station we went, and cleaned the inside.
 We used armourall to slick up the leather, we were
going for a ride despite rainy weather.
Before we went on some food we would take,a roast beef sandwich and chocolate shake. Out of the lot to the left we would turn, and something real funny
we'd happen to learn. 
The seats were so slick, that I slid left to right, and and so it would go for more of the night.
Right turn I slid to the left once again, and
soon it was a game that I thought I'd win. 
They laughed every turn as I slid back and forth, until the decided to turn the car north. 
The park has some hills with
the best curves around. And soon they discovered that I had laid down.
I planted my feet on the driver side door,
and stretched out my arms so I'd slide no more. 
Being face down all I coud do was to hear. The radio came on and I had no fear.
The adventures of chicken man, I heard the announcer proclaim, as he mocked both a chicken, and called out his name.
All of the sudden I feel a large jolt, and for only a moment I started to float. 
Blam, Blam, two more jolts and horrific the sound. Then suddenly silent, I thought
on the ground.
'I'm bleeding' said Mike, as he felt for his head. 'Get out now..' screamed Rick '.. or I think we are dead!'
They both got out on the drivers side door. I did the
opposite, and then ground was no more. A twenty foot drop on a hill I would fall, and roll with the landing, I was having a ball. I turned around quickly and
shocking to see. The Jolly green giant was stuck in a tree. Well inbetween two it would better decribe, but we were all lucky to be still alive.
The lights of the car were now facing each other, as the tree had centered the motor and cover. As for Mike's head bleeding, his biggest mistake, was
forgetting he held in his hand chocolate shake.
The chickenman's adventure, had nothing on us. For the rest of the year, we were taking a bus.


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