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Three small words, you want to hear
They mean the world spoke in your ear
Worth so much, the value gold
that spoke too much, it can get old
The greatest way is just to show
Don't say a word, and you'll still know
But I understand, you need to hear it.
It confirms for you and I do not fear it.
So once in awhile, right out of the blue,
I will say these words to you.
If you feel you just can not wait,
then hold my hands and face me straight.
Hold my gaze, till its crystal clear,
and slowly draw your face real near.
Turn your head and hear my heart,
that is when I'll do my part.
If I am gone, go to the shore
And hear three words like a lion's roar
I send them out on every wave
For you to hear, and heart to save


  • so good

    Sep 26, 2023

  • Sep 28, 2023

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