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The sky, it darkens, a deep billowy cloud
Thunder cracks silence it's ear piercing loud
Wind takes to running, it carries debris
The smell of the damp is something you see
Down comes the wet, one drop starts it all
Buckets soon follow as it starts to fall
Bouncing off pavement, drops riddle and splash
Titans of weather furiously clash
Icy the tears of the sky hit your skin
They run through your hair, down your face to your chin
Bumps on your arms pop to see what's so cold
Arms seek warm under, so they start to fold
Wave upon wave, the sheets fall so flippity
Heavenly elements repell serendipity
Celebrate in this glorious chance
Time to enjoy play, in the rain, while you dance
Barefooted walk, squishy toes in the grass
Fast as it came, it's over, it's past
Shriveled and wrinkly, the skin holds the proof
Time to dry off, inside under roof
Waiting for it, you'll wait for awhile
But after it's over, it leaves you a smile


  • nice

    Sep 26, 2023

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