Ode The A Tequila Worm Read Count : 108

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What in the world, there's a cow in my bed!
My room is still spinning, there's an ache in my head.
Frantically searching my mind for a clue,
What was it I did, omg, what'd I do?
I remember the bar, I remember the bottle.
I remember I drank it down at full throttle.
An hour had past when a vixen came in,
offered me heaven, and one night of pure sin.
It didn't take long to say "what the hell, screw it."
I realized now, that the worm made me do it.


  • Funny

    Sep 26, 2023

  • I like your poems 😂

    Sep 28, 2023

  • great little poem it cheered me up. I'm familiar with tequila from my very younger days. thanks for a good romp. hope it appears in one of your books that you publish in hardcover or paperback.

    Oct 01, 2023

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