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If only I could buy a cloud with a hole
There would be only one place I'd go
I'd ask it to form into the shape of a cup
Let it swoop down to pick me up
It's shape would then flatten
As I cross through the sky
I would peer through the hole
as I floated by
Across the heavens to you I would drift
In hopes when you see me,
your spirits will lift
And shine so bright like a first winter snow
If only I could buy a cloud with a hole
If only I could buy some time
To the top of the world with you I'd climb
And spend with you every moment I bought
Till your hearts desire I caught
I'd box it, wrap it, and tie it with a bow
And give it to you just to let you know
that I love you each and every day
This is my gift I freely give away
The moments pass as wind through a chime
If only I could buy some time.
If only I could buy a delicate ring
One that makes your beating heart sing
To bring forth the fire that dwells deep within
To rock your world, turn tail and spin
To remind you of how precious you are to me
And hold your hand so gently
It's intricate complexity maps the maze of my heart
And lights up your way whenever it's dark
Faithful and true a most wonderful thing
If only I could buy a delicate ring
If only I could marry you
Something borrowed, something blue
Something old, and something new
We would be happy, me and you
A cloud with a hole and some time is the thing
A beautiful woman wears a delicate ring
She turns my world upside down from the start
And I love her so dear from the bottom of my heart
The perfect match I say so true
If only I could marry you.


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    Sep 26, 2023

  • Sep 27, 2023

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