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Sub Category : Adult Fantasy
In my dream, you were laying on top of me, squeezing my tits in your hands and kissing me softly. I whispered "Daddy, please.. I need to feel you ." My hands tied above my head to the headboard.

You whispered "Not yet, baby girl. Daddy just wants to feel you " I wrap my legs tighter around your hips and press against you whimpering. You smile and start tickling me.

I start whimpering and begging. You start laughing and kiss me again. "Baby girl, stop pouting. Kiss Daddy like you mean it." Soon I'm lost in your kisses. I feel you press against my opening and hear you growl feeling how much I'm desiring you.

"Feel what you do to me, baby girl" you growl in my ear. You just tease me with your tip and I'm whimpering so much I'm crying. I'm whispering "Please, Daddy. Please, please, please Daddy."

You nod your head slowly, adjust my hips and slowly push inside me. I start moaning loudly and you gently squeeze my throat. I sigh and whisper how good I'm feeling.

You growl softly and quicken your pace. I bite my lip to keep from screaming and begging you to slow down. You ignore my pleas and decide to speed up. I'm screaming your name, fighting against my restraints to touch your face, and you squeeze my throat a little more.

I look deep in your eyes and start begging for permission to orgasm. You shake your head no and go harder. I start screaming louder and fighting against the restraints more. I just want to touch your face.

You kiss me deeply with each thrust and I whispering, pleading for permission. Again, you deny me. I try holding back, but you know my noises all too well you stop and pull out. I gasp and start fighting more. I'm crying, wiggling around, trying to pull my hands free. You just watch me and laugh. "What's wrong, baby girl?" You look amused in the candlelight.

"I can't touch you!" I scream squeakily. I am fighting back sobs because I just need to touch you. I need to touch my Daddy while he's ravaging my body. I just need to hold your hand, cup my hand on your cheek. You untie my hands and I grab you like someone lost in the desert grabs a water bottle. Like feeling you in my arms, means I have the only thing vital to life.

You hold my hands, kiss me deeply, and whisper "Ready, baby girl? You remember your safe word?" I nod, say my safe word, and look deep in your eyes, preparing mentally for you to be brutal to my body. Instead, you go slowly and gently. We start breathing at the same rhythm and our moans are answering each other's. You growl, I squeak. I moan, you groan. I sigh, you grunt. Our noises are speaking some primal, unknown language.

I start getting close and you whisper "You have permission, baby. Don't stop. Keep moving with your Daddy. Love your Daddy, baby." You speed up a little and I can tell you're fighting back, to make it last longer. I pull you closer and prevent you from moving when my orgasm rushes over me.

You growl softly and smother me with kisses. I lick your chin and whisper "Breed me, Daddy." You growl and pick your pace up and I start screaming again because another orgasm starts rushing through me. We start kissing and you wrap your arms around me and I start to tighten around you and we both collapse on the bed after our simultaneous orgasms. We kiss until our lips feel sore and just cuddle.

I kiss your neck and you laugh softly. I start kissing down your chest and you grasp my hair gently and whisper 'If you keep this up, you're getting the roughest round 2 you've ever had in your life." I keep kissing your chest and kiss back up to your lips.

We stare into each other's eyes lovingly and I whisper "What Daddy wants, Daddy gets."


  • Dec 14, 2023

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