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As the weather turns colder, you’ll still want to enjoy angling. However, with lakes freezing over you won’t be able to take your boat out on many lakes, and the winter means you’re not fishing during breeding season. However, you can still enjoy ice fishing in many spots across the US. Here are some of the best places to go and try it for yourself. 

1. Lake Winnipeg

If you’ve never been ice fishing before, then Lake Winnipeg is the best place to go. Here, you won’t need your boat or gear like your marine fuel bladder, as you’ll be able to go right out on the ice and fish through it. It’s well known for its walleye, with the fish caught here measuring up to 26 inches quite frequently. 

That’s great for newbies to the practice, as you should be able to catch these walleye with relative ease. It allows you to get used to the practice, and get a handle on how it works. You won’t need much to catch them either, so you can head out there with some easy bait. If you’re in the mood for a bigger challenge, then you can head to the mouth of the Red River for some bigger, more difficult catches. 

2. Devil’s Lake

Devil’s Lake is an amazing fishing spot, year round. In the summer, you can take your boat out with marine fuel bladders and spend hours fishing. The fun doesn’t have to stop in the winter though, as you’ll be able to try out ice fishing here, too. 

Thanks to the long winters here, there’s lots of time to try ice fishing on Devil’s Lake. There’s the opportunity to make some huge catches here, so if you’re feeling competitive with your fishing buddies there’s lots here for you. If you’re newer to ice fishing though, not to worry. It’s very easy to find professional guidance here, so you can get the most out of your trip. 

3. Lake Of The Woods

If you’re in Minnesota this winter, then you should head to the Lake Of The Woods for some excellent ice fishing. One of the best things about it is that you can stay for several days in order to get the most out of it.  There are several hotels and accommodation options around the lake itself, so you can spend as long as you like here without even needing your boat gas tank bladder. 

During the winter, there’s a wide variety of fish that you’ll be able to find here. That includes Northern pike, crappie, saugers, walleye, and much more besides. You can find experienced locals who will be willing to help you find the fish you want here too, if you’ve never tried ice fishing before. 

4. Leech Lake

This lake is also in Minnesota, and in the summer you’d need a boat and a fully stocked marine fuel bladder to experience all of it. In the winter though, it becomes one of the best US spots for ice fishing. You can find walleye, burbot, panfish, and perch here all during the ice fishing season. 

Experienced ice fishers will get a lot out of fishing here, but if you’re a novice not to worry. You can hire a guide here to help you find the right places to fish, and show you just how the locals do it. 

5. Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan is already known as a great summer fishing spot, and during the season there are plenty of anglers filling up their marine fuel bladders to travel the waters and catch what’s available to them. In the winter though, it becomes arguably the best ice fishing spot in the US. Even better, no boat or boat gas tank bladder is needed to enjoy it. 

Walleye is the biggest offering here, and you’ll find it so easy to catch them. That’s not all you’ll find here though, as you’ll be able to find lots of whitefish and steelhead fish here too, especially around Milwaukee Harbour. If you want to go a bit further out, there are Chicago Harbours that have great perch fishing too during the winter. 

6. Lake Winnebago

If you’re in Wisconsin this winter, then you should take a look at Lake Winnebago for ice fishing. Many choose to go here as the sturgeon fishing is some of the best in the US. If you go in the summer, and take a boat and marine fuel bladder, you can head out on the water to find them. Sturgeon fishing is an all year round event here though, so in the winter you won’t need that boat gas tank bladder at all. 

As well as the sturgeon you’ll also find walleye and perch here, so Lake Winnebago is an excellent ice fishing spot for you. 

7. Antero Reservoir

Last but not least, the Antero Reservoir in Colorado is somewhere you have to try for ice fishing. It’s especially well known for trout, so if you want to fish for them in their waters, without needing a marine fuel bladder and all the other boating gear that you’ll need, you should check it out. 

If you want to stick to Colorado when it comes to ice fishing, then you’ll be able to check out Chambers Lake too. This is also well known for its ice fishing, as well as its natural beauty. There’s a lot to be said for visiting the lakes in the winter, when you’ll see a different side to the lakes and the beauty they offer you. At Chambers Lake you also have the option to catch salmon too, which is rare during this season. 

These are just some of the top ice fishing spots in the US right now, and this winter you should check them out. You’ll be able to catch all kinds of fish without needing your boat, marine fuel bladders, or a lot of the other gear you’d need in the warmer months. Why not check them out?


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