Just Like Every Other Day. Read Count : 103

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Erotic
I roll over and nudge him gently. His alarm is going off and I'm still wanting to sleep. "Honey, your alarm is going off. Wake up." I nudge him not as gently. He starts to wake up. He grabs his phone in his giant hands and turns off the alarm. He stretches, yawns, and rolls over and snuggles against me. I press my body to his and sigh. He starts laughing softly and I feel his left hand wonder down my thigh. I giggle and lift my leg and rest it on his knee. Pressing my booty into his morning wood.

"Now that's a good morning, baby girl." He kisses my neck and starts to explore me like he did before bedtime. And after lunch, before dinner, after dinner, and every few moments. "Gotta check my princess and see if she's running a fever." He whispers in my ear as he gently slides a finger inside. I moan softly, wrap my arm around his neck and whisper "It's all yours, my love. I'm all yours." 

He sits up and is on top of me in no time. I'm scooting myself around underneath him, and wrapping my legs around his waist. "I could get used to waking up next to you." He kisses my forehead. He's careful not to get too close to my mouth or his mouth too close. "Dragon breath" as he calls it. I smile, nod and lift my hips up. "You want to?" I whisper. He nods slowly and looking over my body. He hand slowly explores more of my curves and he sighs contently. "You were really made for me. Look at how you just moved. You meet my movements." He slowly teases me with the tip. I lay my head back and moan his name. 

"Oh Gods, baby girl. Just feeling you is dreamlike. Are you sure this isn't a dream?" He whispers in my ear. I lift my lower half up and fell his tip slide in. My wetness just greedily accepting him. He groans softly. I rub his cheek and whisper "Let's make love this morning, Daddy." He wraps my in his arms and slowly thrusts into me. I gasp and whimper. He whispers "Tell me if it hurts, baby. You feel so swollen. Oh Gods I won't last long of you keep doing that..." I moan softly and pull him closer to just his his body heat. 

"Yes, Daddy. I'll let you know. Right now it feels so good. Oh Daddy... Don't stop. Oh Daddy I love you.." I moan in his ear and am so close with his slow deliberate movements. He's not able to get all of himself inside me, but right now I don't care. I want him. I need him. 

"Daddy, force it all inside.. please." I whimper and beg him. He smiles against my tits and stops sucking on them and looks in my eyes. "Eye contact the entire time, baby girl." He groans softly. I nod slowly and we adjust a little. He whispers "I think this is the right angle. I'm going balls deep, baby. Don't look away. Don't close your eyes. Eye contact with Daddy at all times." He holds my cheeks in his hands like I'm a precious statue, never to be broken, only cherished. 

"Yes, Daddy. Eye contact." I nod and start feeling our souls intertwine and him slowly gaining momentum I wince a little and he smiles. I smile in return. He takes a deep breath "Breathe in, baby. I'm going to force." I take a deep breath in and exhale right when he slams his entire length into me. I start screaming, clawing at him, whimpering and kissing him. Damned the morning breath. I need him. He kisses me with such passion, it should be illegal.

He growls "Oh my princess.. Oh baby girl. You're so good." I can feel myself grip onto him with each growl he makes. He's getting close. He slows down and whispers "Rub your clitty. You better make cummies with me, baby girl. You better show Daddy how much you love him." He kisses roughly and my lips tingle from his facial hair. I nod and start rubbing. He gasps when I feel a tight grip on him. I smile and keep rubbing. He starts slowly again and stays deep inside me.

I move my hips up a little and start moaning "Daddy, I'm close.. I'm close." He nods and slowly pulls his entire length out. I whimper and feel a finger slide in. "Oh feel that princess.. Daddy loves your little cunny. Feel good? You like Daddy's finger?" I nod and start kissing him again. He starts kissing down my body all the way to where my fingers are playing. He moves my fingers and starts licking. I look down and we make eye contact. I throw my head back not able to control my body. I feel the surge of emotions and I let go. I hear him lapping up every drop I sprayed. 

"Good, princess. Another one. Daddy isn't ready to be finished." I mumble something and he laughs softly while licking, kissing, and sucking my swollen clitty. Wave after Wave after Wave surges forth and he's encouraging me for more.

"Only on you, Daddy! Please!!! I *NEED* you." I squeal out after my fourth wave. He slowly teases me all over again and I yell out "Just fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me like you hate me." He takes a deep breath and whispers "Don't stop rubbing that beautiful button of yours." I nod on agreement and feel him absolutely destroying my swollen wetness. Making me more swollen, raw, sore, and loved. He starts choking me and yelling "is this what you want? Is it?!" I scream his name, claw his chest with my non rubbing hand. He slaps my hand away from my clitty and he growls "You better fucking squirt on my cock, bitch. You better fucking do it." I cling to him moving in time with equal force and I start screaming to the entire world my love for him. How good he is, how amazing he is, how much I need him, how he fills my life.

We start kissing and I whisper "I'm going to squirt, Daddy." He nods his head and stares into my eyes. I feel the last wave surge through me and I start going lightheaded and I feel like I'm falling. My body isn't working right and I feel him explode feel inside me. I lay on the wet spot, drenched in our sweat, kisses, and juices. 

He kisses me deeply and whispers "Is my baby girl alright? Is her hurting?" I feel him sliding out and scooting behind me. I mumble again and the next thing I know he's waking me up with a kiss. "Baby girl, you okay? Wanna come with me to feed the animals?" I nod slowly and whisper "I feel broken, Daddy." He helps me sit up and holds me. "I can't wait for all eternity with you." I smile and try to reach my pants but they're too far away. "Baby girl, your going to fall. I'll get your pants." He says getting off the bed. I look and see the spot we made. I point to it and he nods. "Third one just like that baby."  I nod and feel dehydrated.

He holds my hand and we start the daily routine that we've agreed to. I look at him lovingly and hug him from behind,"I love you." He stiffens his body and says "I love you too, punkin."


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