I Didn't Know My Birth Came With Regrets Read Count : 110

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There are days when I let regrets control my thoughts
To bring me back to that very moment they event occurred
the wish that I had gone the other direction
eliminated the regret that I now have
 regrets are rips in time
they are things that I continue to stumble over
they tug at my thoughts with their conscious unconscious
they tug at my heart
causing me anxious thoughts and anxiety
 at times they bring tears to my eyes
but I don't show this because men don't cry
 I hide these thoughts
I suppress the regrets I only let them show in the darkness of night
when all others have gone to bed
even the dogs and cats
pets can't see them
nobody can see them
only I and my. God caused by the same condition that I did not know
I had and my regrets have pounded me in my mind day and night
beating me up like Cassius Clay and Muhammad Ali Boxing
 I use rock and roll to drowned out these thoughts
I use them to emphasize my damnation
 'AC/DC's' music helps me in that area
 listening to the music "Hells Bells",
 "Highway to Hell" & "Thunderstruck". I am Damned for each of my regrets
the torture of them by the hundreds
like I was Prometheus who was bound to a rock for eternity
having Zeus's eagle eat his liver in the daytime & his liver grows back at night
to be eaten the next day
for giving mankind Fire
stolen from the gods of Mount Olympics
 will I be damned for the eternity of this universe & then I'm free NO more damnation eternal.


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