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In a realm where fantasy weaves its web Delusion dances casting shadows in our head. A mirage of truth a deceptive displaylt misguides our steps on life's uncertain way.

Oh delusion you beguiling art ,You masquerade as wisdom tearing us apart. With whispers of grandeur and promises untold you wrap us in illusions leaving hearts cold.

Like a fleeting dream you flourish and fade .Leaving reality cracked emotions betrayed. You paint a world of fantasies so enchanting .While
truth lies forgotten silently slanting.

In the depths of delusion we stumble and sway ,Lost in a maze where truth is led astray. Oh how you blind our eyes veiling the truth Leaving us wandering searching for proof.

But amidst the shadows a light starts to shine .A glimmer of clarity breaking the confine. Reality emerges dispelling the guise .For only truth can sever delusion's ties.

So let us embrace the essence of what's real .And let our minds be grounded no longer conceal. For in the realm of truth we find true delight. Delusion's grip weakened vanishing from sight.

In the pursuit of truth we find our release ,Away from delusion our minds find peace. For only in reality can dreams truly grow .And delusion's allure forever let go.

So let us break free from the realms of illusion .And embrace life's journey with clear resolution. With eyes wide open in truth we shall find a world beyond delusion our souls intertwined.


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    Sep 24, 2023

  • Oct 06, 2023

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