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A heart is like a glass if you don't hold it with care it will fall and break..
No one prepared me for adulthood
I thought maybe everything will go smoothly like they used to back in the days were crying was like a movie Imma eyes 
Back then when I used to believe that pain is for the weaks
Back then where I would comfort people but remember life is like a dice 

Tears flowing like there is a water leakage in my eyes
Crying just cools down the pain cause once you stop everything starts paining as if it happened a minute ago
I used to be a master of comfort a person who would go around telling people all the good things that could keep them going but now I can't even get myself to stop crying

Life will sometimes make you feel like giving up...
The pressure making you feel like there is nothing to live for
Friends will turn their backs on you
families will change colours like chameleons 
Funny how things could change in a heartbeat


  • Sep 23, 2023

  • nice

    Sep 24, 2023

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