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Smiling right now and in the next minutes you have to be sad because reality comes knocking. The problems still linger, nothing changed. 

It hurts, the thought I’ll wake up tomorrow hurts
Having to live through the mood swings for another twenty-four hours. Being happy at noon and sad at sunset. My problems keeps ringing in my head. And I feel my brains are popping out of my skull, it carries more than it should.

It hurts, the hopelessness I’d have to live through the day. My stupid decisions staring me in the face. And I wish I could turn back time and undo it all. Travel back to the days I used to smile knowing tomorrow will be good.

It hurts so much sometimes I wish tomorrow never comes... Probably tomorrow might be the day God redeems me. But it hurts, the other tomorrows I thought would have been good, never was, what difference will the new one make?

It hurts, everything hurts, it hurts I lost faith, yesterday’s prayer yielded nothing. And I don’t know what difference today’s prayer will bring. It hurts I feel I’ll be sick even before my prayers are answered. It hurts, my head hurts, it carries more than it should. And I pray that this last string of hope doesn’t fall from my hands. It’s all I’ve got that tomorrow might be different.


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