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He says "You know, baby girl...  I could make that dream come true. Only thing is, I'm not into spitting. I love having saliva all over me... Well, on my cock..."

I feel my face turning bright red and I'm silent because I'm shy around him. I giggle, cover my face, and just listen to his breathing.

He puts his hand on my knee and squeezes "I mean if you wanted me to.. It would be just a Tuesday night for us honestly." He takes a sharp breath in.

I look at him and whisper "If that's a Tuesday.... What would a Friday night be?"

He smiles really big and asks "Are you wanting a play by play on what we'd do on Friday night or asking a rhetorical question?"

I start to zone out picturing us on a "Friday night" if my dream was a "Tuesday night." I'm staring off into space picturing us. Him being so sweet and makes me laugh turning into a sadistic monster to love my masochist side.

He taps my knee "Baby doll, you okay? Having bad thoughts?"

I am still kinda dazed by my thoughts, the images flashing through my mind, the emotional connection we'd share, the physical connection we'd have, our bodies seem to answer each other and curl up to each other. "Sorry... I don't want anything to drink. I have water." As I hold up my cup.

He looks concerned about me and he gives me a little tug to come closer, we have a lot of nonverbal language and hugs me tight and whispers "Squishies for the baby doll from her Daddy!" I start to giggle and wiggle around. He starts to tickle me and says in his normal tone "Tickle monster for the baby doll from her Daddy!" He starts kissing my cheeks as I squeal and flail my arms and legs. He hugs me tight and whispers "Seriously, princess. Are you okay? You zoned out like when something's happening you don't like."

I nod, kiss his lips softly and whisper "I was lost in thought over what a Friday night would detail. Or would it be entail? English is hard." He laughs, lifts my chin signaling he wants to look in my eyes before kissing me, and I start to make faces at him giggling. He knows I can't be serious majority of the time.

He whispers in the growl that melts me too my core "A certain baby girl is going to be spanked by her Daddy if she doesn't answer like the intelligent woman her Daddy knows she is." I nod and shrug a little. He kisses me softly on the lips and rubs my cheek, his sign that I'm safe. "Baby girl, please. Can you use your words like a big girl?"

I just blush like the roses he planted when he found out my favorite roses. I feel my ears blush and I giggle and tuck my hair behind my ear. "Daddy, it's just... You're experienced. I'm not. I worry about not being good or pleasing you. I fear that you'll grow tired of me not being experienced enough for you. My numbers are still single digits.."

He sighs knowing that I worry too much about being the best he's had, or at least in the top ten. He knows I'm insecure about my 'body count' not in a "oh I wish it was lower" but in a "I wish it was higher" sort of ways. My body count is less than my shoe size, and that's a 6. He knows a little about my history and everything. He knows what demons whisper my name on bad days. He knows that I cry by myself and still don't let him see that side of me. He knows the demons that are often circling around like a vulture. 

He pulls me on his lap and kisses me again, this time a little more aggressive. "Baby girl, my beautiful baby doll, please know that we are something more important than anything. Alright? That time of my life is long gone. I want connection, emotional and physical. I want loyalty. I want you. If anything we can experiment together. When you feel comfortable, that's what I enjoy the most. But I enjoy some other things, but you know all about those, princess."

I giggle and wrap my arms around his neck and hug him, knowing he likes when I "smooshie" my tits on his face. I giggle and wiggle around while he holds on my hips. I see a car pull in his driveway and I start to get up. "I see someone's car, Daddy." He grumbles and pulls me back down. I giggle and wiggle more.

He kisses me and slips his massive hand under my shirt and licks my neck. I sigh and push against him. I whisper softly between biting my lip to prevent from moaning and kissing him "Can we, Daddy?" He nods and with one smooth movement he's laying on top of me and I'm giggling. I tug at his shirt a little and whisper while he's taking it off "Whoever got you that shirt must really love you, Daddy." He smiles, nods and starts pulling my panties down. I feel his breath on my legs while he lifts my lower half like I'm a ragdoll. He undoes his jeans and pulls me by my hips so my head isn't on the arm of the couch.

"Baby doll, soft or hard?" He reaches down and feels how wet I am for him already. He whispers "I need to have a few licks. You think about it, baby girl." I nod and just melt into the couch under his touch. He licks me more frantically and almost aggressively and I let out a scream. He lifts his head up and whispers "Come on, baby girl. Show me how good you're feeling, princess. Show your Daddy how good his tongue is making you feel." I start bucking my hips a little and wrap my legs around his neck. He growls "That's my good girl." I feel his strong, rough fingers on and in me. I look deep in his eyes and he whispers "Scream for me. Scream for me, princess. Don't hold back. Do not hold back. Give it all to me." I bite my bottom lip and rocking my hips trying not to scream louder because I know there's someone outside. He starts using his fingers faster and I just lose my mind. I'm screaming his name, begging him to be inside me, and just screaming until every bit of air is out of my lungs. I collapse on the couch and he licks me once more. I feel my body shuttering and he stands slightly but keeping his fingers inside me. "One more baby girl, then you get me feel inside your sweet, amazing little cunny." I gasp and whimper. Getting lost in the euphoria my body is feeling. 

"Hard, Daddy! Please!" I scream while another intense orgasm is triggered by his fingers and his tongue. He nods and lets my body calm down before pulling his fingers out and slamming full force inside me. I scream into his chest while he holds my face close to him. He grunts and growls on my ear while brutalizing my already swollen wetness. He whispers such beautiful, poetic words of how much he loves me. He confesses his undying love for me.  There's a knock at the door and he goes faster and harder. I gasp, claw his back and look deep in his eyes.

"Ignore the door. Get lost with me, baby girl." He kisses me with a passion I've only known from stories and my imagination. I scream into his mouth. He whispers "Scream my name, baby. Scream for me." I start screaming his name and a thousand I love you's. He growls louder and louder with each time I scream his name. I look deep in his eyes and start tearing up. The intensity of us fucking, the knocks at the door, and the love I feel burning in his eyes is insurmountable. I feel the hot tears streaming down my face and he holds my hand, interlacing our fingers and squeezes. I wrap my legs tight around his hips and use my other hand to gain leverage so I can meet his hard, intense strokes and an equal force. 

I whisper "Please, never leave me.. Please never leave me." I scream his name and "I love you." He smiles and tells me to keep doing what I'm doing. "Please, please, please.. Promise. Promise you won't leave me..." I gasp and whisper after each scream of his name.

He growls and hastens up his pace, so do I to match it. "You better fucking gush on me. You better not hold back." I feel his hand let go of my hip and grasp my throat. I nod and start whimpering his name and how I'm close. He nods "Give it to me, baby girl. Show me how I'm making you feel." He squeezes slightly and I scream while my whole body shutters and I gush all over him, myself, the couch, and who knows what else. He growls loudly and grabs my hips and finishes roughly and deeply. I scream his name and begging him to fill me with his cum. 

He holds me close, still inside me, both of us twitching and loving it. He kisses my forehead and whispers "I hope they heard you scream my name. Your voice is so amazing screaming my name, baby girl." I giggle and pull him closer. We both catch our breath and he slowly pulls out. I whimper and he smiles. "I think we made a mess..." I don't want to move, I just want to bask in the afterglow and the sunshine coming in the window. He rubs my cheek and gets up "We better clean up, baby doll. Come on, baby." 

I stand up and immediately fall back on the couch laughing. He looks concerned about me, and he pulls me up. I whisper "My legs feel like noodles... My insides feel bruised." He laughs and I laugh leaning on him. "I think I'm steady now.." He let's go and I start to fall again, he catches me and with his help I sit back down. "Oh what the fuck?! Seriously?! All the way here?!" He laughs and holds me close to his chest. "Ugh! I hate soaking everything!" I sigh deeply and he holds me close.

"I love each drop you gush out. Makes me feel amazing. I know I'm making you happy. I like knowing I can get at least 4 really good ones out of you." He starts rocking me slightly and I feel myself smiling. "Plus you have to do laundry!" We both start laughing and there's another knock at the door. "Okay, baby doll. They waited for us to be done. We better clean up and see what's going on. You need help standing up?" I shake my head no and stand slowly. I'm still feeling lightheaded and my legs feel like noodles. 

We both stand up and survey the "damage" we caused together. He smiles really big and kisses me and I feel him lift me up slightly off the ground. He whispers "It smells like dirty, nasty sex in here." I start laughing really hard and saying ow. He looks a little concerned about the "ows" I'm saying but I kiss him again. We let go of each other and he makes his way to the door. I strip the blankets off the couch. I hear him talking to someone and I hear footsteps. I'm trying to hurry up the removal of evidence of our lovemaking and I hear him laugh.

"God damnit!" I say when I drop the blankets. I see him and one of his friends standing in the doorway. "Sorry, I peed! Couldn't hold it..." I try to hurry up and leave the room with the armful of soaked blankets.

"That wasn't pissing noises that I could hear outside.... Damn. If that was pissing, I would hate to hear what y'all sound like in the bedroom." His friend laughs and elbows him in the side. I feel my face turning red out of embarrassment, shyness and anger. I hate anyone but him hearing me.

He is smiling ear to ear like he won the lottery. I think he looks more handsome now than before. I smile at him and head to the washer. He grabs my wrist before I fully make it out of the room. I look in his eyes and he kisses my lips softly and whispers "It's just a Tuesday night thing, baby doll. Just wait until Friday night. We'll both be sore on Saturday morning." I smile really big, and repeat after him "It's only Tuesday..." He rubs my cheek again and whispers "Put them by the washer. I'll wash them. Go lay down, baby girl. You look absolutely exhausted." I nod and walk to the washer but I load everything up. I grab my phone from the table and look at my texts. I get an idea and open our text messages.

"When can I have you again, Daddy? Your baby doll wants to show you how much of a good, big girl she can be. Even though it's Tuesday, let's pretend it's a Friday." I reread my text to him and hit send. I peak around the doorway when I hear my ringtone. He looks a bit confused and concerned about why I'm messaging him. I see him reading and rereading the message. His eye flash a beautiful light in my direction. I giggle and do our secret signal for "I love you." He smiles and starts telling his friend that he will help him tomorrow, he's just so tired today. He will call him and let him know on a time. I scurry like a mouse into the pantry and call out a bye when the friend leaves. I hear the door close. I rush out stripping my clothes off and rushing into his arms.

"Well, hello there beautiful baby girl." He hugs me tight to him and I giggle feeling his body heat. I reach down and start to undo his pants so they slide down to the floor. I look into his eyes for a moment and pull my head slightly back when he tries to kiss me.

"It's Friday... So. We going to put my dream to shame, Daddy?" I plant the most aggressive kiss I can on him and I feel him lift me up on the counter. Every time he picks me up, amazes me.

He smiles and growls "We better go get clean so we can get dirtier. You go shower, I'll let the dogs out so they don't have to hear us again." I pull him back to me and I kiss him and start grinding against him. He growls softly and pulls me by my hips closer to him and I can feel he's hard already. "Feel what you do to me, baby doll?" I nod my head and moan softly, barely above a whisper. He kisses me a few more times, each time his tongue explores my mouth and I push against him, feeling him get harder with each passing second.

"Just let the dogs out and take me right here, please?" I whimper and lift his shirt so my tits and be pressed against his chest. He laughs softly and whispers in my ear "You go get clean. I want to lick every inch of your body. I'll show you what Friday nights get you. If I'm not back inside by the time you're done, meet me in the bedroom. Don't bring any towels." I nod and hang on every word.

"It was just a Tuesday..." I whisper back to him. He nods and rubs my lips softly with a fingertip. I start licking it and sucking on it mindlessly. I'm trying to picture what he's going to do to my body. He grunts softly and slowly pulls his finger out of my mouth, but my mouth follows his finger and doesn't want to stop. 

He slowly pulls his finger out of my mouth again and starts kissing me passionately and pulls his boxers down slightly. He teases me with just the tip and I'm starting to whimper loudly and he smiles his utterly, perfectly devilish grin. I'm pressing against him, trying to get more of him inside me. He pulls away and I slide off the counter and drop to my knees. "No, baby doll. Listen to my words. Baby doll!" He snaps. I gasp, being pulled back into the moment. I look up at him and nod slowly. He pushes me gently against the counter, and whispers "I'm craving you to no end. Go take a shower. Make sure you completely clean yourself. Got it? I'm going to show you a Friday night." I nod and walk to to the bathroom, but I turn to look at him. He motions his head towards the bathroom and I nod slowly. He slaps my ass and I squeal. He laughs and says "I seriously can not express how much I love watching your ass. Deliciousness right there." I shake my ass at him and hurry into the bathroom.

I hear him talking to the dogs about how they might hear some scary noises, but Mama is okay. I hear the dogs barking and I open the bathroom window and see them running around playing. I hear him come into the bathroom and I see him getting in the shower with me. "Are you clean, baby doll?" I nod and show him how I cleaned myself with my loofah and strawberry creme shower gel. He smiles and kisses me softly. "My beautiful, baby doll. I love you so much." He pulls my body gently towards him. I kiss him and whisper "I'm all clean. Ready for inspection, Daddy." He lifts my left leg up a little bit and I put it on the edge of the tub. He holds me while he starts exploring with his fingers again. I start to shake and he growls in my ear and kisses me. I claw at him and scream. He smiles, kisses me passionately again, and tells me to dry off and go lay down. He'll be in shortly.

I dry off, place a new towel on the shower door, and hang my towel up. I flop onto the bed and wait until I hear him walking towards the bedroom before I get on all fours on the bed. I look over my shoulder and say "It was just a Tuesday night, Daddy.... Show me Friday.." 


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