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Do you have a two-way bond with someone that is unreal? The kind of bond feels as if, your in a fairytale friendship off in neverland with Tinkerbell and Peterpan. Feeling the cool damp dew, as your flying high in the sky. Soaring through the clouds, playing connect the dots with the twinkling bright stars. You better cuff them tight and make sure there is no room for escape on this moon lit quiet night. These kind of friendships can be hard to find. It's like dropping the very last needle on earth into a 16 by 16 building stacked bottom to top, side to side full of square hay barrels. They can be very hard to miss as well. They are like Nicholas Cage as a leather-clad skeleton FLAMING by on a custom panhead chopper transformed into a huge beast with a skull as a headlight and chains for forks. Burning up the streets throughout the night waging war against the nether world's worst. They are the type of people that will go through it all with you. Whether it's thick as a brick or thin as a pin. Whether the ride is flat like the plains or bumpier than the Rocky mountains. They are there right beside you through all the battles in life. They don't care about the scars that may come with the battles. All they are worried about is y'all making it to the finish line. 

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  • Sep 17, 2023

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