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((#1))-----YOU'RE NOT ALONE

Sometimes you may feel alone. But truth be told you’re not. Believe it or not, there are people that do care. At the moment in time you don't realize it but as time goes on it will come to light. I've been down many roads in my life and a lot of them I wish upon no one. The number one key  rule is to never judge a book by its cover, the inside may be full of unexpected surprises that will put you into shock because it's the complete opposite of the thoughts that come to mind when you glance at the cover. Everyone walks their own paths. You don't have to walk the exact path as someone to have an understanding of them and their pain. Some paths may be a straight and narrow yellow brick road separated by flowers, with butterflies sparkling from the sunlight up above. Other paths may be broken bumpy walk ways with nasty rain water flowing down the sides of them with lots of curvy detours on a dark lonely night. Not everyone is the same, reactions to life experiences is different from one person to the next. One may be able to handle it just fine on their own, but that doesn't mean the next will be as strong. Sometimes we may need that extra leg support to stop us from falling out. Sometimes we may need a neck brace to hold our chins up, when all we want to do is bow our heads down to the broken roads that are amoung us. No matter what always remember to forgive but don't forget, that way you can learn from your past experiences whether they are good or bad. Don't forget that what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. Also whenever you ask yourself "why me" and you wonder where god is when you need him the most, remember the teacher is always quiet throughout the test. God is the Potter. We are the clay. And with his creator's hands and hard labor he will mold us into beautiful pieces of art to display in his kingdom at last. Yes, sometimes It may seem like you go thru the most trauma. But somewhere out there is someone that is living or has lived life worse than you. With more tragedy, heartache, and tears than you could ever imagine going through. 

But always remember


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