How We Met. Read Count : 78

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I'm standing in line to see my all time favorite movie. It's a special viewing on the anniversary. I'm wearing my favorite skirt, Docs, my hair in "Pucca" buns, black and red anime shirt and black and red striped knee socks. My friends are laughing at me ranting about how it's a love story. I turn around, looking for a face in the crowd that seems too agree with me. I see you staring, mouth hanging open, looking amazed  I take a few steps to you 

"Hi. Since you're here to see the movie, do you agree? Love story or not?" I am smiling, vape in my hand, and you say nothing. I repeat myself. "Hi. Do you agree? Love story?" Again you say nothing.

"He agrees with you. He's just stunned that's all." Your friend says while the rest are laughing to the point they're crying. I turn back to you.

"So, cat's got your tongue? You ok, man?" Nothing said from you. You're just staring like you're amazed. "Well, thanks guys. I'll go back to my friends. Hey bitches! This dude agrees! Ha! I win! It's a fucking love story!" I'm laughing and playfully pushing one of my friends. You take a few steps to my friends and I. 

"What are the runes on your purse mean? I like it." I turn and see you standing there. I feel myself smiling and I take my purse off my back to show you closer.

"This big one is a bindsrune for better mental health. It's for healing. This red one is for love. It's to bind love to me." I start explaining each one. You don't take your eyes off me.

"So you worship the Old Gods?" You tilt your head to the side a little bit. I nod my head.

"Have you seen these hips?! Fucking Bavarian hausfrau bodyshape. I'm only getting the blessings from the Old ones anyway. You follow them too?" I am smiling so big my cheeks hurt. 

"Kinda, I guess. Long story." I hear your friends laughing and shouting random things to you, mostly obnoxious things people say to encourage their friend to make a move. My friends are laughing as well. I feel like sitting down so I sit on the sidewalk. You sit down next to me.

We start talking about music, life, and the movie we're going to see. The first time we saw it, how old we were, the effect it had on us, the way we see love, the world and of course we start talking about ourselves. The line starts moving so we stand up. We introduce ourselves to each other and we introduce our friends. They start talking and we're just in our own world. We end up sitting next to each other, popcorn in hand, and we ended up drinking from the same soda. I start laughing when I realized I was drinking your soda. 

You lean over and whisper "I feel like we're lovers. So.. Do you believe in fate? Do you dress life that all the time or were you just waiting for me?"

I smile really big and giggle. "Of course I do. Why would I dress life this for someone I don't know?" We only see each other. I have an ache to hold your hand and kiss your lips.

"We're sorry folks. The movie is going to be about 20 minutes late." The announcement is played over the intercom.

I look at you and you say "Well, I guess it's a good thing I left my Berserker self at home, huh?" 

I say "Yeah, I wouldn't want to be the Valkyrie that has to spirit you away. Wait. You're a Berserker?"

One of your friends leans over you and starts talking about SCA, Ren fares, and says something that catches me ear but I act like I don't know what he said.

You elbow him a little bit and I whisper "I'm into DDlg. I'm a little. Was a slave girl for years! Trained as a slave girl in the Gor lifestyle. Have a kajira name."

Your eyes light up "You give off little vibes. So that's why we connect. You're local?"

I sorta smile and say "Yeah, completely little more. Kajira tendencies. Kinda local, about an hour away."

You put your arm on the back of my seat and we start laughing so much everyone looks at us. We start to laugh harder and I snort. You ask if I just snorted and I start laughing and snort again. We're laughing so hard we're crying and leaning on each other. Everyone thinks we're lovers, but we only met maybe 2 hours before. There is a strange intimate way we're connecting.

The room goes dark and I grab your hand and whisper "If I start crying, can I lean on you?"

You squeeze my hand and whisper back "Only if I can hug you after the movie, beautiful."

I press against you and whisper "Only if I can smell your scent on me."

You tense your body and I drag my finger tips down your chest. I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. "What are you doing to that dude?! He looks scared." The text says. I respond with "I'm hitting on him. You'd be freaked out if I was hitting on you too."

We watch the movie together. We start cheering at the same parts, I cry at the usual parts, you hug me close, and we laugh and yell quotes at the same time. I'm falling in love but I'm trying not to notice.

The movies over and we're dancing together to the end song. We're singing, laughing, dancing, and watching our friends be annoyed.

We're all walking out of the theater and you ask if I'm hungry. I nod, don't even ask my friends but decide to follow you and your friends to go eat.

Our friends look bored, but we can't stop talking to each other. I finish my soda and take yours. You take my fries. One of my friends leans over and says "Damn girl. He's spellbound by you."

I lean over and whisper "I'm spellbound by him! He's into Vikings, my favorite movie, and so much more. He has a farm!" My friend rolls her eyes. I nudge her and say "The guy is red is kinda cute. Talk to him." I can't keep my eyes off you talking to your friends and stealing my fries.

"Sorry, babe. I should have asked if you if you minded." You look kinda shy. I push the plate closer to you and I stand up. I'm going outside to vape. You jump up, following me. I turn to look at you and smile.

"Are you spellbound? Are you doing a rag doll dance? Feeling entranced?" I quote one of my favorite Siouxie and the Banchees songs. I go to pay for my friends and I. You grab the check and smile.

"A lady never pays when I'm around. I'm old guard that way." I protest and try to get the check out of your hand. You lift it over my head and I jump trying to get it. "Tell you what, babe. Rock, paper, scissors." You win 2 out of three games. I turn and head outside. I shiver from the look in your eyes. I look up at the stars and wish on them for a sign.

"That one above you is Draco. There's a myth that Orion killed Draco, but Orion barely survived. That's why they're both in the night sky. Forever battling." I hear you say behind me. I turn and hug you. That was my sign. My favorite story told by your mouth. Freyja is smiling down on me. I've found someone I love and lust over. I'd go into battle with you anytime.

"You just told me my favorite story. And that one. That's the seven sisters. They all killed themselves to be with Orion." I offer my vape but you shake your head. I keep vaping and walk over to my car. You and I sit on the trunk and keep talking. Every moment that passes, I'm falling in love. I do not say it though. My phone vibrates in my hand and I see my friend's name.

"Yeah. I'm outside. We're talking and I'm vaping. Bills paid. Leave a tip on the table." My friend says she's getting tired and your friends were trying to call you but you weren't answering. The joke was we were fucking in his truck. I laugh and say "oh hey. We're fucking in your truck." You laugh and my friend says that you're laughing and I see everyone stand up and start heading to the door. I hang up. You take my phone, add your number, take a selfie and have it back. 

"Now you have my name, number, and picture. You have to call me, babe." I feel butterflies. I giggle and feel my face getting hot.

I hop down, hug you, and ask if I can go home with you. You look at me, stunned I'm asking. We barely know each other's names. "I'm not done talking with you. I'm intrigued. I want to know more." I look in your eyes. You smile really big and nod.

"Hey! Come get my keys! I'm going to his place!" I shout to one of my friends. I hear your friends cheer. I had to put on a show for your friends. Get them talking. I kinda wanted you to have a few laughs with your friends. One came jogging over to me and gave me the "brother talk." He talked about you being a big teddy bear, hurt a lot, and he would hurt me if I hurt you. I laugh, say I'm just going to talk, I'm not planning on anyone being hurt. He nods, jogs over to you and I hear your laughter. Obviously, I think he's telling you to break my hips or something really crude 

"Are you sure you want to go to his house? You just met him! You don't do that!" A friend protests but it doesn't make sense to drive all of them home then turn around and drive to your house. We're in the middle of both places. It's easier for someone to drive my car, and I start explaining but I hear horns honking and cheering. It's your friends. One of mine rolls their eyes and I start laughing. "Look guys,  I'll share my location. I'll give you his number. Take a picture of the plate in the truck. I'll be as safe as I can. I promise." I pinky swear because we all know I'm a kid at heart. I start running to you standing by your truck talking on your phone. I slow down giving you time to finish talking. I hear you say something about me and I stop.

"Yeah, I know she's cute. No, she's not in her 20's. She's almost double that. Yes, I saw her ID. No, it's not fake. I'm not getting pulled over so a cop runs it! Fine, I'll call Scott tomorrow. I'll ask her if she's ok with that. Now, I'm hanging up. Yeah, yeah. I'll tell all the dirty things tomorrow. Bye!" You smile at me and say "My friends are convinced you're 20. I told them you're not, your almost 40. I said I saw your driver's license. Hey, why looking so sad, Boo? Hey, I believe you. Ok? I'm not going to run a background on you. Ok?" I nod and start kinda worrying if I'm stupid for going home with you. You open the door to your truck, pick me up and kiss my nose. I giggle. "Buckle up, Boo. You're precious cargo." I lean over and unlock your door before I buckle up. You get in and smile.

"Honestly if you want to, you can.. Run a background on me. I don't mind. If it will ease their minds, do it." I take my vape out and wish I had another one. You shake your head no and pull into a gas station near by. I open the door getting ready to hop out but you grab my hand. "What? What's wrong?" I ask.

"You might get hurt jumping out. Wait for me to help you. You know, you're precious." You get out and walk over to my side. You open the door and hold your hands out. I giggle and slide into your arms. I'm surprised you can just hold me like I weigh nothing. 

"You need anything? My treat. I'm getting another vape and a soda." I wait for you to say something.  For some reason you hand me money. "No, I got it. Really. You're driving me home tomorrow. I'll buy you a soda. I'm kidding! I'll pay for the gas. Let me know how much. Ok?" I try to hand the cash back to you. You growl softly and I growl back. We both start laughing and fit some reason, I just want to kiss you. So, I poke your arm and you look at me. "May I ask you something?" You look in my eyes and nod. I stand on my tiptoes and kiss your lips softly. "That's what I was going to ask you... Sorry if I crossed any lines..." I start to feel embarrassed.

"Your lips are really soft.. Let me feel again, Boo." You pull me a little closer and we kiss again. This time, a little longer and I feel your tongue on mine. I wrap my arms around your neck and feel you pick me up a few inches off the ground. I try to hold back but I let out a soft moan. You break the kiss and whisper "I haven't gotten lost in a kiss in forever... Let's get stuff closer to my house. Is that ok? Do you need a vape now?" I shake my head and bite my bottom lip. I start wondering how long it will be to your house. I want to kiss you more.

"My vape tastes like it's almost out. I can get one at any gas station." I start feeling my legs get shaky. I'm nervous. Am I committing to something I'm not sure I want to do? 

"What kind you want? Let's go get one now. Maybe get some drinks." I smile and hold my hand out. We hold hands walking in and a song I like is playing and I start humming the song. "You like this song? It's older than you!" You start laughing. I smile and start shaking my butt.

"Yeah, I even like older music. You should hear some of the music I like a lot. Might scare you." I start looking for my favorite soda and squeal when I find one. I show you and explain how it's addicting. You just smile and watch me walking around dancing in the aisles. You look happy, I feel happy. 

"Boo, let's go. I want to kiss you some more. And there's only a few hours of night left." You whisper in my ear. I feel myself blush and giggle. I nod and hold your hand again. We stand in line and I squeeze your arm to my chest. I'm nervous about the people in front of us. One of the guys keeps looking at us. "Don't worry, Boo. I gotcha." You stand slightly in front of me. I smile into your arm and let go a little. You pull me closer to your side.

"Thanks. That guy had me feeling nervous.." I put my sodas down and start looking at the vapes. I wait until you get done talking to the cashier and start asking about one of the vapes. He says they sell a lot, but he's not sure if they're good. I ask for the 2 pack and start to pull my wallet out. You slide your card in and smile. I start to protest again but you kiss my lips softly and I suddenly forget what I'm doing and saying. I just stare at you. 

"Thanks man. Have a great night. Come on, Boo." You tug a little on my hand. I giggle and blush.

"He kissed me! He kissed me twice tonight! I asked him for one, but he kissed me!" I start squeaking and giggling. You laugh and encourage me to start moving.

"I'll miss you a thousand times more if you start walking to the truck now, Boo." You kiss the top of my head and whisper "I'll even kiss anywhere you want me to." I giggle and the cashier laughs. I start running out the door and you pull me back a little. "You have to look both ways, Boo. Hold my hand tight so you don't get hurt, ok?" You look so adorable and I just want to throw all scruples I have out the door... I don't think you'd be a one night stand, but I think you'd be a forever night stand. You help me in the truck again and you smile when we start talking again. I ask if I can play some music. You say you don't mind.

We start singing and dancing around to society every song. I start playing Heilung. You ask about them and I start a whole rant. You laugh and I get the new vape out. You ask me to play my favorite songs, which I do. I'm singing along with them and at every stop light I undo my seatbelt and kiss your lips. You tell me it's green and I have to put it back on, which I listen, and go right back to singing. We're laughing, talking, I stop the music, and ask you to tell me a story about you. You laugh asking what kind, and I ask for a funny one. You tell me a story, and I'm noticing I'm falling in love. Not lust, but love.

We get to your little farm, and you show me around a little and we go inside. You introduce me to your dog, and let her outside. She's running around and showing off. We're talking more and I'm hugging you. You ask if I like Viking history and I nod. "You seem like a Berserker more than a plain Viking though." I say while hugging you.

You don't say anything and call for the dog. We go inside the house and you show me pictures of you playing a Berserker. I'm floored, I believed you and your friends but I saw actual proof. You start showing swords you help make and pictures.

"Why have you been calling me Boo?" I blurt out. I didn't even think. I just feel confused about it.

"Well, you have the little buns that look like Boo from Monsters, Inc. You remind me of her. All cute and little." You smile and rub my cheek. I feel my cheeks get hotter 

"Then you're my Sculley." I boop your nose and giggle. We sit on your couch and keep talking until the sun rises. You say I can sleep in your bed, you'd sleep on the couch. You had to go feed the chickens and let them out. I ask if I can help, you look shocked but take my hand and we walk out. You show me the coop and you look for eggs. There's a few and you ask if I'm hungry. I nod even though I'm not really hungry. I will pretty much agree to anything you ask for. 

We go inside and wash our hands and you have me sit on the counter while you fry up eggs and bacon. I'm giggling a lot and we're talking about completely random topics. When everything is done, I hop down and start the toast. You watch me, and start laughing. I ask what's funny and you say it's because I look cute. 

"Want chocolate milk, Boo?" You ask holding a cup. I nod and you start mixing chocolate syrup in the milk and I'm giggling and dancing around. I carry the plates to the table and you come in with a T-shirt. "I brought this in case you wanted to change. I can give you a pair of my boxers if you want." I shake my head and go into the bedroom and change into your shirt. I look at myself in the mirror and take a picture. I send it to the group chat with a caption that we're eating breakfast and have been talking all night. I get a quick response of nobody believing that.

We sit down and start eating and you mention I look cute in your shirt. I lean over and feed you the last bite. You smile and offer your milk to me. I drink it and giggle. 

"Wanna go lay down? I'm exhausted. We can take a nap then talk some more and I'll take you home, if you like." You stand up and I grab the dishes from your hands and rush to the sink and start washing them. You laugh and hug me from behind. I press into you and sigh. You sigh right back and nuzzle my neck. I finish the plates and turn around and face you. I look in your eyes and smile. You start kissing me again and you set me on the counter. I wrap my legs around you and we're kissing so much my lips feel raw. You pull away and whisper "Let's go in the bedroom.." I hop down and you gasp. I jump and you hold my hand. "Boo! You could hurt doing that. No hopping down unless I'm helping you. Ok?" I nod and giggle. We walk into your bedroom and you start taking your clothes off but say "I'm just taking my pants and shirt off. You don't have to take anything off. Ok, Boo." I nod and sit on your bed. We resume kissing and I pull you closer to me until your laying on top of me. You pull away and whisper "We're only going to kiss tonight. Is that ok? I don't want to go any further." I nod and start kissing you more. I feel you ours against me and I ache to feel you inside me. I feel your hand slowly inching the way down to my panties and you start moving yourself off of me. I pull away and look in your eyes 

"If you want to go further, we can... I don't mind." I kiss you between every word. You slide your hand up the shirt and start rubbing my tits. I moan in your mouth and you kiss me more aggressively. I pull you closer to me and you start biting my bottom lip. I moan softly and whisper"Please? Touch me... please?" You nod your head slowly and we start kissing again. I'm pressing into your hand that you just laying between my legs. I moaning more trying to get you to touch me. You just keep kissing me until I start digging my fingernails into your back. You slowly pull my panties to the side and start rubbing. I gasp and start whimpering. 

"That's my baby girl. You look being touched?" You growl softly in my ear and all I can do is moan in response. I feel myself becoming close and I start whimpering and begging for release. You kiss me and growl "Cum for me baby girl. Cum on my fingers, baby girl. Show me how good your feeling." I dig my nails into your back more and start biting my bottom lip to keep from screaming. You kiss me more and I start screaming into your mouth. You keep rubbing me and whispering "That's a good girl. That's my baby girl. Keep it coming, baby." I start whimpering and kissing you harder and pulling you closer needing more than your fingers. You pull away and whisper "All you're getting is my fingers today. When we're ready, I'll give you all of me. Just enjoy my fingers, baby. It's about you right now." I'm screaming, whimpering, begging you between kisses. After I lose count I reach down and hold your hand. "Are you okay, baby girl?" You whisper and start kissing my neck again. I moan and gasp.

"It hurts, Daddy... it hurts..." I start whimpering and kissing you. You slowly move your hand away and keep kissing me. I reach down and feel you're fully erect. I lick your neck and whisper "I need this so much.." I slowly start rubbing your hardness. We kiss more and you slowly move my hand away. I ask "What's wrong? You don't want to?"

You shake your head. "It's not that I don't want to. It's all about you tonight. Well, this morning. Are you satisfied, baby girl?" I shake my head and you slowly get up. I start thinking about how I'm going to feel you. All of you. You crawl up the bed and whisper "Move the pillows and get higher on the bed. You're going to be satisfied. I'm going to make sure if it." You slowly start licking my inner thighs and slowly removing my panties. I'm losing track of how long it's been done I've been licked. "When you want me to stop tap my head, baby girl." You start devouring me and I'm screaming your name and wrapping my legs around your back. I lift my hips up and just enjoy every single second of your tongue. I end up collapsing on the bed, exhausted and tapping the top of your head three times. "Are you satisfied now, baby girl?" I shake my head and before I know it you're licking me again and I'm screaming right away and I feel you adding a second finger. I'm screaming so loud I'm convinced your neighbors a mile away can hear my voice screaming your name. After of whatever number of orgasms, I tap your head again. 

Before you can even ask I let out a high pitched whine of "Yes! Yes, I am!" I'm breathing really hard I feel like I'm having an asthma attack, but I don't have asthma. You crawl up the bed, wrap me in your arms and keep whispering in my ear. I start cooing in response but my mind doesn't process what you're saying.

"Baby girl, are you listening?" I hear your voice raise. I jump, I started drifting off now that my breathing is back to normal. You laugh, slowly lean my head on your chest and I start dozing off again. I hear your whisper "hear my heart, baby girl? It's beating for you. I know, we only met a few hours ago, I know I sound outrageous. But, baby girl... Sleep on my chest. I'll keep you safe." I snuggle closer, there's no way anything can come between us, not even air. After what felt like 5 minutes of sleeping in your arms, we both jump awake to someone banging on your door. We jump out of bed, quickly dressed, and I'm standing by the bedroom door. I'm nervous it's an ex of yours that's wanting to see who I am. I know how small towns work  "Baby girl, relax. It's one of my friends you met last night." You answer the door in your boxers and the shirt I was wearing off yours. It looks good on you. It's brings out how beautiful your eyes are.

"Hey man. So I've been trying to call you. So.... Spill! Man. She was cute! Wasn't she really young though?" You friend is walking around and I can hear you ignoring everything he's asking. "You know, Donna said she wanted you to bring the girl over before anything went too fast and too far. She's convinced she can get a read on people." He starts saying a bunch of names and his they react to meet me. "So, when she go home?" I take that as my que to cover out.

"I haven't. Sorry, we were sleeping. You know, he's amazing." I wrap my arms around you and kiss your neck. I smell my scent on you and I giggle. "Hey sexy. You smell like me still." You and your friends start cackling. I shrug and get a glass of water. I feel so dehydrated. It's a no wonder. I just had more orgasms from you than I've had in the last 2 years. I hear your friend whisper and I wink at him. "Sorry, a woman doesn't fool around and tell. Just like my Berserker here. He won't talk about his Valkyrie. Will you?" I plant a kiss on your lips and I taste myself on you and I moan softly into your mouth. "Honey, please don't stay away too long. I'll miss you." I head back to your bedroom and start texting my friends. Not all the details but the fact we spent all night talking about everything under the sun. Then I mention we took a nap snuggled close to each other. Of course I send a selfie. I get a response about the shirt I'm wearing. I ignore the texts and just lay my phone down. I don't want to deal with the questions. I decide to respond once more. "I have no idea when I'll be there. I'll call when we leave." I hear your door shut and you laughing.

"He's convinced I fucked the shit out of you." I lay back on the bed with my legs on the side and motion for you to come closer. You take a few steps and I pull you on top of me and wrap my legs around your hips and press into you. I moan softly and you kiss me passionately. "Baby girl, were not fucking today. Not on the first date. I mean, is this a first date? Anyway, were not going to. You need my fingers again?" I bite my lip and press against you more. You growl softly. "I feel you, baby girl. I want it so bad.. I need it as well. Baby girl, we're not kids anymore. We need to think about everything." 

I moan softly. "Please? I just want to feel you." You smile and we start kissing and you pin my arms down playfully. I pull my hands out of your hood easily, but I only pull one out. I want to hold you while we're kissing. I just need to feel you, touch you, taste you, love you. I feel your hardness press against me and I gasp. "Please? Just for a moment. I need to feel you... Please Daddy..." You growl and bite my bottom lip. I yelp a little bit.

"Only feeling me. No moving, baby girl. I need to feel you too." You slowly slide in and I start biting my lip. "Is it hurting, baby girl? Tell me." I nod and feel my eyes tear up. You stay in one place until I stop breathing heavy and slowly push more in. Again, I start tearing up and clawing at your back.

"Please... All the way in. Don't care if it hurts. I'm swollen... Please... Please... I need to feel you..." I start crying and kissing you. You scoot me more onto the bed and you are sitting on your knees between my legs. You interlace your fingers with mine and slowly start moving in and out. I start panting and moaning softly.

You whisper "deep breath, baby girl." And I take a few deep breaths and you're still slowly letting my swollen wetness get accustomed to you invading it. "I'm going to shove all of me in you. You ready, baby girl?" I nod my head and smile. You squeeze my hands and count slowly and softly 

I start counting with you. "Okay. One.... two.... three!" And I feel you slam inside me, feels like you just impaled me. I squeeze your hands and my legs around your hips more. We speak in primal sounds and I swear you're moving but I'm not sure. Maybe just me throbbing all around you. I start whimpering and clawing your back and you start growling louder and louder. I start rocking my hips a little bit and you groan e keep staring into my eyes. I start crying and I say it. "I love you. Please love me.. please..." I start sobbing and you just wrap your arms around me and pull me closer to you. I start rocking my hips more and whisper "please... please cum... please.. let me love you. I'll throw myself on your funeral pyre. I'll be you whatever you want. Let me love you." You keep growling and breathing in my ear. I start sobbing and clinging to you with my legs wrapped tightly around your hips. I'm using your body as leverage to rock even harder. All of a sudden I feel your hands on my hips. I gasp 

"That's enough, baby girl. No not tears. Let's take a nap and then get you home.. You're so swollen, baby girl." I keep pushing against you not letting you pull out. You sigh and start kissing me again and before I know it, you've pulled all the way out and I feel empty. You pull me close and I start sobbing harder. "Baby girl, I know. Just evening out on my chest, baby girl." You start rubbing my back and it just hurts. I thought... I mean... We connected... right? "Baby girl, I heard you... I love you too. Never fell this fast or hard for anyone. I just want to make sure. It's not you. I honestly want to go get rings and marry you this minute." I look into your eyes and see tears. We both cry and then start laughing. 

"You know.. in the book... Their first time, she cries. He stops and she talks about the abuse she's endured. He tells her 'if he touches you again, I'll kill him.' They both cry the first time and she tells him to use her. He says 'no. You use my body.' And that was the first night they met. Like in the movie." You smile and squeeze me against your chest.

"We did use each other. I was really close just feeling you. I don't want to hurt you. Seems like you were in pain a lot." I shrug and you tilt my chin up. "Baby girl, use your words. I'll kiss you." I smile while looking deep in your eyes 

"Yeah, your dick is huge! Feels that way, anyway.." you start laughing and hug me tighter. "It's been a hot minute since I last did anything with anyone else as well. Only orgasms I've had after self induced." You start laughing really hard and I just look into your eyes.

"Baby girl, no need to make be feel better. Hell, I feel pretty good about earlier. You were going crazy. I hoped you had fun." I nod and kiss you like I've never kissed you before.

"We better take a nap. You still have to meet my friends again.. You want to start a trial? We could see how things work out.. only if you want to... I could be your little and you could be my Daddy." You nod and kiss me back like never before.

"I already considered you as mine." You slowly growl mine and I feel the ache of needing you again rise. I start making my way down with my hands. "Not right now, baby girl. Just hold your Daddy. Baby girls need a nap. They played a lot, right?" I nod and start to yawn. You yawn as well. We slowly drift off to sleep until another pounding on the door woke us up. You decide to give up sleeping and get dressed. I follow suit.

You answer the door and it's Scott. I hear you say his name and him saying how everyone called him and told him that you brought a girl home. I open the door all dressed fixing my hair. "Hi! I'm going to make some coffee. Want some?" You grab me, kiss me a big kiss, and I start making coffee. I get the whole million questions from your friend. I answer everything and start holding your hand. I take a big gulp of coffee and look at you, smile and look at Scott. "Look, I know you're so concerned. I get it. You're good friends. Would you all be this worried of I was a one night stand?" He shook his head.

"That's the thing. We all know you're not. The movie you met at. You both couldn't stop talking and laughing. The way he looks at you... You know what. We're all overreacting. Sorry. You both be safe, crazy, whatever. Just don't name it after those movie characters." We both start laughing and saying how we're going to change our names to Mickey and Mallory. We're not our old names anymore. We're laughing so hard I snort and we laugh harder. You start tickling me and we don't notice anything until we hear the door close. We keep laughing and start kissing again.

We hear one of our phones ring, but we are too busy kissing. Then I hear my ringtone from my friend that drove my car. I say "I better get that...." I run and get my phone and plop on the bed. I answer and my friend starts asking a million questions. I feel you open my legs and pull my panties off. I start giggling and finally say "Gimme about 3 hours. I'm be there to get my car. Ok? You can meet him for a little bit." I hang up quickly just in time for you to start grinding against me.

"I'm needing to feel you again, baby girl. Roll on your back. I want to look in your eyes." I roll over on my back, lift my skirt up and whisper how I'm desiring you. You hold my hands to my sides, interlaced fingers, and slowly push your entire length inside me. I'm squeaking, gasping, panting, and cooing how much I love you already. "Baby girl, do you want gentle or rough?" 

I smile and rise my hips up. "Rough. Destroy me, Daddy." And what seems like only moments, we're laying on a wet spot of our making. Mostly my making. You whisper how amazing it was, and keep kissing me. I nuzzle your neck while your entire weight is on me. I whisper "I mean it. I love you." You look in my eyes and kiss me.

"Say that again and I'm going to be gentle and make you do that all over again." You smile, and I wipe sweat off your forehead. I precede to whisper how much I love you already and how I never knew anyone like you existed. You hold up your end, and with each thrust you whisper a response of how much we love each other. I can tell by the way you're breathing your close. 

I whisper between screaming your name and clawing at your back "let me ride you... Let me do some of the work." You smile, hold me close and roll over on the bed so I'm on top. I start getting adjusted and whisper "Ready?" You nod and smile. I start riding you slowly holding on to the headboard of your bed. The more you growl, the harder I'm riding. I'm not sure what possessed me, but I unlace our hands and put your massive hands on my neck and whisper "Choke me, Daddy " you start choking me softly and I say "Harder." And by the time you finish inside me, I've gushed all over you at least 3 times. You keep thrusting into me while I sit on you catching my breath. You gasp when I look up and see lightly discoloration on my neck from your hands. 

I get up and start cleaning you with my mouth and tongue. You start getting hard again and I'm absolutely amazed. "Was I good, Daddy?" You nod, out of breath. I go back to sucking and licking. You slowly pull my face off of you and say "Baby girl, it's been at least 2 hours. We better get you home." You get up and start getting dressed. I say I'm going to call my friends to meet us somewhere. We can eat, talk more, and I will get to kiss you a few more times. My friend agrees and says someone is paying, she's not going to pay. I say I will, but you start going on about how you want to. 

"Think we should take a shower?" I ask. You shake your head no, pat the bed, and I snuggle up close to you and you start laughing. "what's funny?" You keep laughing. I'm starting to wonder what it means 

"I don't even know if your on anything! I just... Sorry, we might have kids." You keep laughing and I say I'm on birth control, I show the card I have to get it renewed in about a year and half. You kiss me again, set a timer for 20 minutes and we drift off to perfect sleepiness, love fueled dreams. 


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