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When I first met you I didn't know it would lead to this. I'm standing in our kitchen making breakfast while you're feeding the animals. I see you walking towards the door, snow coming down fast. I open the door with a blanket to wrap around you  I fling the blanket around your shoulders and hug you to my body. I hear your teeth chattering. "Damn. It's coming down fast!" I nod and unzip your pants. You smile and rub my back. I start touching softly and kissing your lips. "Baby girl, you had Berserker cum this morning." You start laughing softly. I start to nibble your ear. "I need more of your Berserker cum." You start growling in my ear all the things you're going to do to my body. I moan softly and answer each sentence "Please, Daddy. I need it." You gently pull my hand out and kiss my nose, "Punkin, your Daddy is cold. Wait. Did you make biscuits?" I slowly slip my hand back in "And gravy and eggs and bacon for my wonderful, strong Daddy. Go sit down. I'll bring you some coffee. Food is almost done." You smack my ass and laugh softly. "I love watching your ass, punkin." I giggle and shake my ass at you. I pour coffee, make it the way I know you love. I'm walking over to put the coffee on the coffee table, I see you reading the book I just finished. "It's really good. I think you'd like it lie I did." You look up, smile and say "You spent more time reading this book than you've spent cleaning this week." I lift my shirt and flash you. I hear you sigh and I giggle. I go back to check the biscuits and they're perfect. I pull them out of the oven, start setting you up with food first, the King gets served first. I carry your plate to you. You put the book down and wait for me. I curl up next to you and break a piece of one my biscuits for each of the dogs. You motion towards them and say "I'm so happy they get along." I nod and watch you devour the food. It makes me happy seeing my King eat. I tear off a couple more pieces and give them to the dogs. I dip a piece in gravy and say "Daddy, open your mouth." You start laughing because you're almost done and I'm not even half way. You open your mouth, take the piece, sucking on my fingers. I giggle and reach for your hand, and suck on one of your fingers. You growl softly. I giggle and go back to eating. The dogs go stand by the door and I say "Keep eating. I'll let them out." You say "Put my boots on, baby. Take the blanket." I take the blanket and smell your scent. I wrap myself up, stick my feet in your boots, and feel like a child. I giggle while the dogs are running around playing. I'm so grateful they got along. I was worried, my dog is pretty spoiled. Your dog has taught mine some good habits. I start laughing at them jumping trying to catch snowflakes. I hear the door open and hear your voice "Kids! Mama is cold. Daddy needs your Mama. Go potty!" I start giggling and smelling the blanket again. I realize I don't wear my clothes often anymore, besides panties and socks. I wear your shirts and and am perfectly happy. My thoughts go to what we will be doing this evening. You're making dinner and haven't told me what you're making. I wonder if I'll be called into my part time job. I'm dreading it. They know you, and you're the reason they transferred everything for me. I hear the door open again and the dogs go running to the door. I see you standing there smiling. "They called and asked I thought I could get you there by 3. I said I didn't think so because you were sleeping." I smiled. 'I mean, I could go in. If I'm being called in for weather, I get double pay." You good the door open for me and grasp my hips. I let out a gasp. "No l, punkin. You're all mine today. I said I'd bring you in tomorrow. They're wanting you to do a double." I nod and say "Ok. I better do laundry today." You take my hand and I see the leftovers are already put away. I see your coffee has been refilled, and the dogs each have a busy bone. You lead me into the bedroom and say "Let's spend the day on bed, kissing and cuddling." I smile and climb into bed, snuggle close to you and you start reading a story to me. I feel warm, happy, and safe. What a wonderful way to spend the day.


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