I Fell In Love With The Devil Read Count : 93

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His smile made my heart jump with excitement everytime he smiles
 His voice made my body weak and crave for him 

        Ohh poor me...... I've  allowed  him to soothe me with his sweet words 
 As I allowed myself to be blinded by his topography 
              Ohh dear ... I allowed him to dig unto me .. my poor heart ...  
                  I forgot how dangerous he  could be ... I forgot all about his  words ."my love is sour but  sweet " 
  ... ohh how dump. Could I be? 
  I fell in love with the demon  ..

             Little did I know he was going to separate my heart chambers .. 
 My thin septum was too weak to keep my  stupid heart in one piece 
... he ripped my heart into tiny uncountable pieces 

                     Devil destroyed my heart 
The sound of his laugher was so deep and evil as he  was mouthing "I NEVER LOVED YOU.. YOU WERE AN ASSIGNMENT AND IT IS DUE TODAY "
words cutting  straight to the core of my heart 
                   My heart was bleeding 
My brain went blank as I was having   flashbacks and  listening to his words   that kept on repeating in my  brainless head 
          Tears rolling  down my cheeks 
    Watching him turn around and walking away his thorned tail  wagging up  
        His red horns shining with blood from the poking he made from cutting my heart  
 .... showing no mercy to my soul 


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