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I'm hearing him laugh through my ear bud. I'm nervous. He laughed at my joke, not many people do. He's talking about his day, things he did I'm looking at my phone "EST arrival: 10 minutes." He's laughing about how he heard it's going to be 10 minutes. He says "I haven't been this nervous, excited, scared, anxious about anything, baby girl." I talk about the gifts I've made for him. 

"EST arrival time: 2 minutes." I gasp because I was not expecting time to fly that fast. He starts giving me directions because the app will send me to the wrong place. He says "I'll be standing outside to show you the kingdom, princess." I pull up, see his figure on the dark. I giggle and say "Oh goodness! I think there's a Berserker in your yard." I hear him laugh and see his figure come closer. I say "I'm going to hang up." He says "No, stay on the phone. I'll find that Berserker and give 'em a what for for messing with my princess!" I giggle and whisper "Daddy, it's getting closer..  Wait. It's hiding." I turn my back and act like I'm looking for something. "Goddess, Daddy. I hope that big, tough Berserker doesn't capture me!" I feel his arms engulfing my frame. I feel so small in his arms. I feel him breathe on my neck, his beard tickles my ear. I stand straight and press into him and I whisper "Hey, Daddy." He kisses my cheek and whispers "Welcome home, princess."

He takes my hand and shows me around. I'm introduced to all his animals. I'm squealing and giggling like crazy. He keeps looking at me in the setting sun light. He just smiles. I smile back at him. I hug his arm and squeal. He hugs me and pulls me closer. I sigh, finally with my soulmate.

He kisses the top of my head. "Let's get the princess inside. There's a Berserker out here." I nuzzle against his strong chest. "I have the best one in my arms." I smile, smelling his scent. I'm so much in love, I fail at expressing it. I look up and see his eyes closed. I lean up, kiss his nose. His eyes open. Our eyes lock. I part my lips to say the three words that just do not even scratch the surface of my feelings..

He cups my face and I just stare deep in his eyes, and he into mine. I let out a soft moan. I can't express what this does to me. Never felt this before. Before I know it, his lips are on mine. Soft kisses, strong arms pulling me closer, and I'm moaning into his mouth. Our tongues touch, butterflies in my stomach take flight, nervousness gone, and I'm with my soulmate. He pulls his lips away. "Let's go inside, princess." I whimper and he leads me into home.

He opens the door and I don't pay attention to anything, except his frame leading the way. Only noises I can hear are his breathing and my heartbeat. He take his shirt off and I follow with mine. He turns around and stares. I wish I didn't do that. He stares and my skin feels like it's going to start fire from his stares. He rushes over to me, and just presses his chest against mine. I squeak a little from feeling my tits being pressed so hard. He whispers softly, barely above our heartbeats thumping away, "I've wait for this for so long, baby girl. You're mine." He growls 'mine' in a deep, gutteral primal tone. My body reacts, my heart hurts from feeling this full.

He takes a step back. I reach down and undo his pants. He sighs and pulls down my skirt, the one he picked out. "Wait, baby girl." I stand on my tiptoes, barely reaching his lips and whisper "I've waited long enough for you, Daddy. I can't anymore." He sighs, looking in my eyes again. He whispers "I have something.." I smile and whisper "You be quick?" He whispers "Yes, baby girl. Faster than you know."

He turns around and starts fumbling with something. I take the rest of my clothing off, except my knee socks. I lay down on his bed. I stretch out and I feel him getting in the bed. I look at him and smile. He's looking over my whole body and practically drools on me. I giggle and touch his arm. He does a half sit half laying down next to me. 

"I know this is soon, baby girl.." He looks a little worried. I slowly run my fingertips along his upper thigh and smile at him. He smiles down at me. I whisper "Everything can wait. I need your lips some more." 

He pulls me closer, we start kissing, letting our hands explore, our souls intertwine, and we can't tell where the other ends or begins. I whisper in his ear "Please?" He looks in my eyes "Are you sure?" I nod and spread my legs, beckoning him. He crawls over to me. I feel his eyes burning into my soul. He whispers "I'm never going to let you go after this." I interlace my fingers with his and say "I hope not, Daddy." He groans a little and presses against the entrance on my princess parts. He whispers "Mine" and rams roughly inside. I squeeze his hand and start screaming. He pulls all the way out and rams into me with each word "You... Belong... To.. Me... For... Ever... Mine... Mine... All.. Mine." I start sobbing and pressing against him with each violent thrust, feeling my insides being ripped apart. He stops moving, breathing heavy and whispering "Mine. All mine." I calm down and whisper "Daddy.. I love you."

He slowly and gently slides in and out of me. I start moaning softly "Daddy... I love you... Daddy... Oh Daddy..." He growls and looks into my eyes, into my soul. Our bodies picking up the rhythm and we are not in control. Our souls have taken over, we are not ourselves anymore. Our past lives start flooding back to both of us as stare into each other's eyes.

He is a King, forced to marry but I am the maid he's in love with. His bedchamber is filled with my screams of ecstacy, not his wife's. I'm his real wife. I'm the Queen of another time, I'm married to a King but we don't love each other. He's the Knight I caught the eye of, every glory was for me. Every enemy slaughtered is for me, not the money. I mention to the King he should offer my body as payment. My Knight says I would be his wife, the King agrees. The King has his lovers. I have my Knight, my real husband. A ring secretly worn made from his hair is always on my finger. We are from different clans, sparks fly when our eyes meet. I'm a shield maiden, I'm told to be aware of his kind. I see his bearskins and I want to smell his desire. Everyone is asleep before the upcoming battle. I creep over to his bearskins, I strip, climb in with him and we both have to keep from yelling. Our bodies, scarred, bruised, but our souls in love. 

I start whimpering and clawing at his back. He starts growling and I don't think I can hold these trance like visions anymore. He closes his eyes and slowly stops. I whisper between panting and whimpering"Did you see that too?" I start crying again. He starts to climb off me. I hook my legs together and say "No. Please do not take this away from me..." the floodgates of losing him as my Knight, come flooding back, me patching up his wounds on his Berserker body, each kiss we've shared. Each simultaneous orgasm we've shared. He nods and whispers "You need it, baby girl... Please. I need this." I let him go, leaving me for a moment. He leans off the bed, but I still have him between my legs. 

He whispers "Close your eyes." I follow his command, my soul tells me he's the one. I feel him slide something on my finger. I open my eyes and start crying. My dream rings. He bought them. He holds another one. "You're the Mallory to my Mickey, baby." I slide the ring on his finger and whisper "Ain't murderin' nobody on our wedding day." He smiles and kisses me. Deeply, passionately, and softly.

He whispers "Ready, baby girl?" I nod and pull him closer with my legs. He laughs "In a hurry?" I nod and whisper a phrase I don't know, but my soul speaks to his. He growls and smiles. "You want to play, maiden?" I smile back and say "Only with the strongest, Berserker." 

We both finish at the same time, our bodies exhausted. We are laying on top of our first of many wet spots. We start talking about our fears, past relationships, our hopes, until I push against him and whisper "You'll have me forever." He growls and we have a repeat of just a few hours before. 

This second time, he's softer, passionate, gentle. We're kissing, holding each other close. Feeling intensities of emotions we never thought were possible. He whispers "You're the best, baby girl. You're so perfect, princess. Oh God damn punkin... Keep doing that and it'll be a short one." I whisper "Let me on top... You used to like it." He smiles and gently pulls all the way out. We both gasp, almost like our life forces were just zapped out of us. He lays on his back and encourages me to be a brave princess, he's got me. I mutter I'm nervous I'm not good.. 

He stops the self doubt in an instant when he places my hand on him. "If you weren't good, this wouldn't have happened so soon." I slowly lower myself onto him. We both making so many noises we start to laugh. Just a simple moment, and we're losing all mental function. A thousand times we've dreamt of this moment. Just a moment...

He holds my hips and I'm riding him to the point I feel like I'm being impaled. I'm screaming in response to his ever louder growls. We speak in such a primal, intimate way, in a language unknown to ourselves. He growls "I'm finishing on top." I shake my head and whimper"No, Daddy. Enjoy the ride." He whispers back "I'm going to slam you down when I make cummies inside your cunny." I moan "Please do." Our bodies picking up the speed, rhythm and pace. I lean my head on his chest, screaming. He holds my face up and growls "Look in my eyes, punkin." I can barely hold my head up and nod slightly. I just let my body decide what to do, my brain doesn't listen. 

He holds my hips, slams me down, and we both explode. I gush all over while staring deep in his eyes, into his soul. He explodes deep inside me, staring into my eyes, into my soul.

I don't want to move, he doesn't want to move. But we hear dog whining. He starts laughing. I start laughing as well. We both look at each other and laugh harder. We say at the same time "At least she waited." We decide the dog should meet her new Mom. I put my panties on as he throws his shirt at me. "Put it on, baby. No need to get dressed." He puts on his boxers and he leads me by the hand to meet my new child, his dog. He sits on the floor, watching me and the dog getting to know each other. He leans over to kiss me, but the dog licks his face. I laugh and say "I guess she's thanking you for bringing me home."

He lets the dog out, wraps me up in a hug, and whispers "Thank the old Gods you're back in my arms." He walks me out to my car and I hand him a giant gift box. He looks a little confused and I say "It's my gifts to you. There's a few things with little meaning, a few things that are spells to keep you safe, and a few things with no meaning. You don't know unless I tell you." I look down at my legs, I swear I feel his second gift to me running out down my thighs. He keeps looking at me in his shirt and the dog comes running up to us. "Hey girl. You happy with your Mom? You have a brother coming to move in." She starts dancing a happy dance, we laugh carrying my bags inside our home.

He crates the dog, shows around the house, and we take a shower together. He was right, it was a tight fit. He keeps tracing my scars with his finger. "I don't like the unwanted, unloved and hated. You're not any of those things." I look at my scars. I look in his eyes. "I knew you would be upset, Daddy." He smells the shower gel I made for him again, part of a spell. "Damn baby girl. You got to be kidding you made this!" I nod my head and started scrubbing his back. We both get out after and dry off. I put his shirt back on. He says "Baby girl, you're so beautiful." I smile and flash him.

We go back into his room. He pushes me on the bed and I start laughing. He climbs on top of me and whispers "Even if that ring pulls out every hair
on your head, it stays on. If  it tears out my eyeballs, it never comes off. Every great thing we do starts with these." He places his hand against mine, just like the movie. I look in his eyes and whispers "Since you put it that way..." We start kissing again, not worried about where it leads. Damn the outcome. Damn the world. Damn the morning. Damn the chores. We need just a moment to love each other.

We still are slowly kissing while we both drift off to sleep. Both of our dreams are filled with our past lives, the Old Gods graced us, smiled down on us, and decided not to pull us apart. 

He's my King, Knight, Berserker. I'm his Queen, Lady, and Shield maiden. We're together at last. This life will not have a sad ending.


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