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the new social network connection for kink enthusiasts 

Question 1: what inspired you to become a Powerful administrator of such a Marvelous group such as Kinks You never question.

Answer 1: Setting up KYNQ for me was to give people a place where they could share their passion for BDSM which was non-judgemental, a place where they could explore their, Dominant, submissive or fetish side in a kink and sex positive community, and create a place where genders, sexual orientations, lifestyles and fetishes could come together.  For me KYNQ is all about making new friends and sharing knowledge and skills with our less experienced members, and more importantly to give them the correct information to educate and inspire them to push their boundaries and to discover their true selves and to develop a healthy identity around those interests.

In today’s society we are more tolerant towards people in the LGBTQ community, same sex couples can walk down the street freely holding hands and have more rights today than they’ve ever had, yet there is still a stigma surrounding BDSM, and that needs to stop.  We shouldn’t have to hide who we are because society tells us that its wrong, its perverted, and we are freaks.  In today’s society there are more people into kink now then ever before, yet we still hide behind closed doors. 
Kinks You Never Question was setup to give kink enthusiasts a place to have a voice where they could develop a positive kink identity and engage safely in kink play with other people without the internalised stigma of feeling that their kink is bad, sick, unhealthy where that negative impact can have a serious effect on one’s mental health and can lead to anxiety, depression and sometimes suicidal thoughts. Kinks You Never Question wants to empower its members to stop fearing their desires, to dress how they want, to play how they want, and to fuck how they want!..

Question 2: How did the idea found you or did you find it?

Answer 2 : I've been on many sites in the past from fetlife, tinder, fabswingers to POF, and other kink related sites, that just left me disheartened, for most of these sites, it’s not about the quality of the member anymore, it’s about how much they can make off a member.  When it should be about making sure the right checks are implement and regularly reviewed to make sure the integrity of that site is never doubted, and its members feel safe and know that each member they chat to is a genuine kink enthusiasts – instead sites are rife with fantasists and timewasters living out there wildest fantasies behind a fake profile they can create for free within minutes. 
So, I played with the idea of setting up something myself, chatted to kinky friends and members from other sites, and decided not only to create a chatroom, but something that offered the members more, more informative literature, more chatrooms specific to their location or their role within the lifestyle. I’ve create articles debunking bdsm myths, created a section for members to share their creative hobbies, discuss mental health issues, self-care, emotional safety etc, I also encourage members to submit their own content and share their experience and skills with its other members. For me this isn’t just a another kink sites, it’s a community to make new friends, to learn about a fetish and what’s more you can’t just gain entry to the group, you have to be invited personally by me to become a member.

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