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I hate 1968 / on April 3 / MY Mother / "Maureen Hickerson Dazey" / DIED /  On  April 4th / Martin Luther king was / Assassinated / June 5th / Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was / assassinated / The American generals' in late / 1967 / we're thinking that the Vietnam war was winding down /  An that's what they told the President / an Congress/  But the generals' in North Vietnam / had other plans for         / 1968 /  An all out offensive started on /January 30th 1968 / now known as the / "Tet Offensive " / this was against the South Vietnamese Army / and the American Military / 'Walter Cronkite' was the face of "NEWS" in America /  But death / was the face of '68' /  A year of chaos and confusion / a year of  Pain and illusion / The hopes of many died that year / The event's unbearable Even to this day / 1968  was the devil's playground / He had free rain over all of us that year and he did his best / Shattering hopes and dreams / And he decided to hit me at home / My mother / my Life / How many other families lost a loved one / a hero / a person of hope,,/ And felt what I felt / And 2 reverend Martin Luther king and his family / Shattered by senseless violence  And racism / And finally Robert F. Kennedy a new hope a new beginning / possibly a new President / to bring a dream of America and what it could be come true / Shot down for no reason at all Accept hatred / Evil was 1968 / Hell was 1968 / The devil and his minions had a ball in 1968 / I hate1968


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