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My dreams haunt me. My body is missing the spirit of him. No idea who he is, but my entire fiber of being is craving him. Hearing him, smelling him, seeing him, feeling him. My entire being is craving, missing, and lamenting he is not near me and I just him. 


I want to taste the sweetness that is the soul bound soulmates. I want to taste him every single place I go. I want to feel his love, safety, and his arms. I want to be able to feel the wholeness of being with my destined soul. 


I miss you. I know you're out there. My siren song is calling to you. I want to end your loneliness. I want to end your sadness. I want to hear you sigh feeling happiness. I want to shed tears of utter, absolute happiness. I want to.. Nay.... I need those things. I just hope you need those too. 


I am absolutely heartbroken without your love, collar, protection and your control. 


I will wait a thousand lifetimes if it means having you. 


I miss you. I love you. My heart is calling.


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