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I know everyone says they hate boring in a ddlg relationship, or just a BDSM lifestyle in general, but I want boring.. I want cuddling watching a movie, until we tune out the movie and devouring each other with kisses is more interesting. I want to go to sleep feeling your body pressed against mine. I want to wake up to you pulling my panties to the side because you crave me.. I want to love you with your teeth marks on my tits, thighs and stomach. I want to take a shower, seeing your brand all over my body. Feeling my clothes brush against the bite marks reminds me of how much I'm loved. I want boring. I want the mundane things in life people grow bored of. I want to hold your hand when getting groceries and giving each other soft kisses on the cheek in the store.. I want to put away groceries, laughing with you, and planning what's for dinner... if we can't decide then we will order something and I can try to make you cum before it's delivered. If I do, you kiss my forehead. If I don't, you face fuck me until you do cum. Either way, I get your cum. I'm greedy that way. I want to see my clothes set out for the next day that you picked out. A list of chores written out so I can earn stickers for a special prize. We both know I would choose to cockwarm you for an evening as the prize.. We would act like we had no idea though. I want to lay in bed and read together. I would be curled up next to you reading and you would be watching TV, until we all of a sudden had a craving for the other. I want to be able to show you silly colorings I did. I would write "To my Daddy♥️" and give it to you. Or I would leave it where you would find it in the morning. I would make breakfast in bed on Sundays, or whichever you decide, and I would be drinking a cup of coffee or tea watching you eat.. I would count the seconds until I could be in your arms again.. I would tell you go out for a boys night, and send you texts randomly about how much i miss you. Not to guilt you, just to let you know I miss you and you're so loved. I would rub your back every night, kiss you, and be your dirty girl however you wanted it. I would beg for every drop of your cum inside me. Either my mouth, pussy, or ass. I just want you to overwhelm me. 


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