A Dream. Read Count : 97

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Erotic
I'm laying face down on a mattress. I'm screaming. I'm loving every single second. I'm moving in time with him. He's holding my hands behind my back. I'm smiling with each tear streaming into the mattress, each moan, each scream and each whimper. He breathes heavy in my ear, lets go of my hands, and pulls my head up by my hair. He growls in my ear, while he is just deep inside me. I feel him throbbing. I feel myself burning for him to breed me.. To fill me with his cum.. I slow my breathing down and he bites my shoulder. I whimper, but I do not say no. I whisper "Thank you, Daddy." I feel his lips curl into a delicious evil smile I feel against my skin. He starts pounding my swollen, bruised flesh again. I'm holding back, he knows. He is disappointed and displeased. I'm paying for disobedience... He shoves my face into the wet spot of tears and salvia. He growls louder and louder. His hands around my throat. I start to lightly gasp for air. He growls, borderline yells with each thrust, "Daddy.. Will.. Not... Be.. Denied.. Your... Body.... Daddy.. Always... Wants... You... To... Squirt..." I feel myself letting go. I gasp, gripping the blankets so hard every bone in my hands ache. I whimper so only his ears can hear me "Yes, Daddy." He growls "What, princess?" I whimper and can not speak. I am going mindless. I'm becoming Daddy's mindless fuck doll. He flips me over, I try catching my breath. He growls and smiles that orgasm provoking grin that never fails to push me over the edge.. Into the oblivion of never wanting to be without him. 

He slaps my face, slaps my tits, and presses on my throat and little. I grab his hands, deciding if it's my time, I'd rather go by his hands than anywhere else. I just hope to see him in my next lifetime, and to of course, be honored to be his lover 


He slams into me again and I scream until my lungs burn. I claw at his back,  And can only make out one word. "Please."  He squeezes my tits, and growls softly, like a wolf going after it's prey, my legs wrapped around his hips, and he nods. I feel myself letting go, surrending to his commands, squirting while he growls deeper and louder, and I start shaking. He slows down his pace while I shudder, whimper, scream, cry, and try to verbalize "Thank you, Daddy." He stares in my eyes, and I start to cry. A thousand emotions, a thousand thoughts, a thousand orgasms belong to him. I belong to him. I never want to be without him again. I spent so much time without him, no longer. I belong to him. Forever. We're fated.

He leans down, kisses me and whispers "Will Daddy's good little girl do that again?" I cling to him as much as I can with my body feeling absolutely exhausted, and whisper softly I'm sure my heartbeat has drowned out my words. "No, Daddy."


He smiles and whispers "Let's cuddle, baby girl." I cuddle up next to him, my hands slowly sneaking downward to the most amazing, beautiful, huge cock I've ever seen and felt. He laughs softly and kisses me. I open my eyes just in time to see his hand flying towards my cheek. The sting is dizzying. He hugs me tight and starts thrusting into my hands. I lick his neck and whisper "Cum for me, Daddy." He says "No, only inside your princess parts, baby. I haven't filled you up today. Your tummy is full from mouth cuddles, isn't it?" I giggle and lick his lips. He throws me off of him. He starts slapping my face, spitting in my mouth, biting my tits, and growling "I will not be denied. You will obey me." I squeal with each bite mark he carves into my skin, marking me as his forever. I raise my hips up and whisper "May I please squirt on you Daddy? May I squirt when you breed me? Please? Please, Daddy?"

He sighs, growls, takes a long deep breath. I'm anticipating him to deny my request, I do not deserve the honor having an orgasm with him would be. He slides inside me slowly, wraps his big safety nets of arms around me and whispers "I wouldn't have it any other way. No holding back. No denying Daddy your sweet squirts. No disobeying." I try to stay focused but all I can say is "Yes,Daddy."


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