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Buddy Holly buddy holly / 
did you know /
When you started playing and singing it wasn't "San Antonio Rose"/
Buddy Holly Buddiy Holly /
did you know /
 Gospel was when you were younger then Country & then Rock & Roll /
Buddy Holly Buddy Holly /
Buddy & Bob what a name for a band / Buddy Holly Buddy Holly /
Country you played not Ragtime or Jazz / Buddy Holly Buddy Holly /
You and your band /
were the opening Act for Elvis Presley /
not a bad gig /
Buddy Holly Buddy Holly /
 Is this where Rock N' Roll became attached to your Brain /
 Buddy Holly Buddy Holly /
 your new name for the band /
The 'Crickets' / 
Way to go /
 Buddy Holly Buddy Holly Cut your first record as a demo /
at Norman Petty studios /
 in Clovis New Mexico /
 Buddy Holly Buddy Holly /
 Did you know /
 "That'll Be The day" /
 was the song to start /
 your Rock & Roll superstardom you & your band /
Buddy Holly Buddy Holly /
 Did you know /
Don McClain's song "American Pie" and the words 'the day the music died' / Buddy Holly Buddy Holly Did you know You only made music for a little while But what music it was /
 You flew like Icarus /
 but too close to the sun /
and fell from the sky /
Like a meteorite you did /
Buddy Holly Buddy Holly. /
Did you know that you're a legend /
going strong after 70 years /
You are gone but your music has stayed / You are gone now /
rest in your /
 Buddy Holly buddy holly.


  • Sep 21, 2023

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