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Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
By Major Sir Adesoga Jubril Asiwaju.

     Home of Suicidal,
     P.M.B. 62478,
     Six-Feet State,
     Grave yard.
     1st July, 2021.

Dear Hopeless,

    How have you been doing on earth? Here I am, with sadness and bleeding heart, I write to you from the grave. It is never late until you are late. I never had the vision to see how my mission would be. A hopeless being I was, to run into my grave when it was not my time to lay down to sleep.

    I was a diligent and hardworking man who got penny as a pay. I fed myself, families and friends with the little I had on me. I never dreamt of untimely death until my aged parents called me. They wanted my success. The success I never achieved. They told me it's high time I got married because they wanted to see their grandchildren. I told them, can I get a woman with the penny on me? I wanted to strive to make both ends meet before thinking of marriage. But to think of it, they were old and might leave the world anytime.

    My eyes set a trap, got caught by a lady of my choice. We got married and lived happily a year after tying a nuptial knot. The following year, her mouth watered for valuable things, delicious meal unlike my daily flakes, that only a penny could afford. I came back from work on stress. With fear and fright, tears rolled down my cheeks. She shouted and raised her voice when I came with stories of 'no money'. She doesn't care about the love we shared. Not even on bed, she was so fierce. She began to spend so much on social media and it disrupted her daily activities at home. She never tried to talk to me but gave all kind of excuses for her change in behaviour.

    I blamed myself for her sudden change, when I had lots of thoughts driving to and fro in my brain. It is high time I wanted to be a man to make my wife happy. My pen danced to forge signatures. It worked and I got the pay. I went to my house to care for my wife. Unfortunately, I found no one but a note. A farewell note from my wife. Saddening. I got the money but my wife fled.

   Consequences came, I was arrested for the forgery, and got locked up, for service of years in a college with it's fence built high like the wall of Jericho. Given the daily routine by the 'teachers' but not teachers. The grasses, bushes and rocks. The course I must study and know. Then faster it trekked to time, to be free in two days time, on a programme of years when I got a card. A card of "Just Married" from my butterfly wife. It gave me a lot of pain which I must never complain. I went to my cell and lay aimlessly until the warders came and brought me out, lifeless. I was never thoughtful that I had parents waiting for my arrival. Who cried bitterly when I was jailed. When they heard the news of the suicide I committed. They cried and drowned in their tears that led to partial stroke. Their health deteriorated. 

What could have been your problem that you think suicide is the option?. Hope shall make you overcome your calamities. Like a common saying have it, "No condition is permanent", yours too. Tomorrow is beautyfull( Full of positive hopes), only if you have faith. 
Where I am is no place for youngsters, but for aged which their time is up. I regretted I never had the opportunity to care for my parents. They gave the rightful advise, but I was so dart not to think twice before taking the deadly steps. Stay well and keep on trying if the world turn their back against you. Remember it is never late to be successful until you are late(dead). 
Please if you have the chance to visit my family and friends. Help me to tell them I am sorry in a million times. Do care for my family as I rest in perfect peace. 

Yours hopelessly, 



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