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I can't find the courage to talk to you in person because I'm often speechless whenever I see you. 
I don't know what you deserve but you should be respected, cherished, love and adore.
looking at you I see a woman who's ambitious, smart, intelligent and beautiful all in one.
maybe I'm wrong in thinking you don't want a man to take care of you.
maybe I'm wrong in thinking that the man you're with should believe in you as much as you believe in yourself.
A man who will stand beside you, who'd be proud of you, who'd help you to accomplished your goals in life. 
I did find inspiration from your determination, to get a job and go to college at the same time.
my affection for you runs deep, every conversation I have I want to talk about the amazing keianna. 
I still think about you a lot, I dream about you at times.
I would have love to take you out to dinner, catch a movie on a Sunday afternoon, introduced you to my mother, relaxed on the beach on a late evening holding you in my arms as we watch the sun set. 
there could have been an us if only I'd talk to you but I failed in doing so and now we can only be friends. 
I do hope you get to be a teacher, so one day you'd get to teach or tutor my future child or children. 


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    Aug 31, 2023

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